Vandal v.s. Bronco Pre-Game Golf Challenge

2nd Annual Syringa Cup Challenge will be held Friday August the 30th at the Warm Spring Golf Course in Boise. This Ryder Cup format places a Vandal team versus a Bronco team in head to head competition. Proceeds go to the winning team's Athletic Department.

When: Friday, August 30. Tee times start at 1:00 pm

Where: Warm Springs Golf Course, Boise, Idaho

Details: Green Fees are $38 including cart plus $25 for the winning Athletic Department. Mulligans are available for $5. A Barbecue will follow the tournament.

Handicaps are not mandatory, however, 5 - 18 hole scores will be required and then computed to establish a handicap.

The format is a 2-man better ball for 3 points: 1 point for the front nine, 1 point for the back nine and 1 point for the overall 18 holes. Play will be in the Ryder Cup format using 3/4 of established handicap.

Tee Times are limited so sign up as soon as possible.

Contact: Mike Marboe at 869-4670 or Tracy Baggerly at 861-0745

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