Erickson Post-Game (UI vs. UNR)

Saturday the Vandals (4-6, 3-3 WAC) were torched 45-7 by a tough Nevada squad (6-3, 3-2 WAC) in Moscow. The Wolf Pack raced out to a 31-0 halftime lead and never looked back. Head Coach DENNIS ERICKSON talked with media immediately after the game about Idaho's second consecutive lop-sided loss to a top-tier WAC team after such a solid early WAC performance in October.

Overview of Saturday's game... "As I observed ourselves the last couple of weeks, I always think football teams either get better or they get worse. They never really stay the same. After the Boise Stategame, I really felt we were a football team that had really, really, really improved. The last two weeks, we've gotten worse. I wish I knew why...I mean, we're not executing on offense like we're capable of; we're not making plays on offense like we're capable of. Defensively we've had trouble stopping everything; so that's the most disappointing thing with where we're at right now. We made a lot of progress, and then all of a sudden we just stopped making progress and kind of went sideways. Like I said, I wish I had that answer, but that's kind of how I view it right now. I really felt that we were going to come out and play well today. I really did. A chance to play at home, a lot of things going for us. Maybe [before], when we were just "playing", not worrying about anything else, we played pretty good and got better. You win three in and people are talking about winning this many games or that many games, and I'm not so sure we're to that point right now. So [this week] we've got a bye. The biggest thing that we can do right now during the bye week - and we'll practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - is to get better. That's my emphasis with them in the locker room. We've got to get better. We've got to get better for the next two football games. Go from there to next year, because that's basically where we're at. [We'd] certainly like to win two games for the seniors that have been here through a lot of hard times, but this next week and the bye, we've just got to improve."

Regarding the offensive line... "That was probably - protection-wise - as bad as we've played, and we got hit on some stunts and some things inside. We made some adjustments in the second half, but I mean all the damage was done. That's the most pressure that our passer has had on him all year. They've got some good players, but they're not any better than some of the other people that we've played. Whether it's assignments or just not picking things up…that's something we'll have to look at tomorrow. That's jumps out at you, there's no question about it, because that hasn't happened to us.

About Nevada's offense... "They just ran the football. The same thing they've been doing [all year]. They're very simple in what they do, but they run the zone play out of that pistol, and they run it very well - run a little bit of a counter and the G play, and then they throw it out of it - they're very, very good at it. We turned it over, gave them a lot of opportunities in the first half on offense. We couldn't move it at all; so they got some opportunities, and when you give them opportunities like that they're going to go down and score, which is what they did. But they ran it – I don't know how many yards they ran, but it had to be a lot. We couldn't stop them; could not stop them."

Comparing Nevada to Boise State and Hawaii... "Oh, I don't know. It's kind of hard to say. They got beat by Fresno, and they got beat by Hawaii. They still play Boise, so you'll find out, I guess, as time goes on."

About the play of Idaho punter T.J. Conley and getting replaced in the game... "No [he was not injured in the game]. He hasn't been punting the ball very well. He really hasn't. All year he's been very inconsistent. He kicks two that are not very good; so we put Tino in there who is our backup punter who was a punter in junior college who's not bad. I thought he came in and punted the ball pretty well. Those guys, like anybody on our football team, have got to be accountable. If that's your job, I mean, you've got to come in and kick it"

Is the change at punter permanent... "No, no, not at all. Like I said, we've got a bye week; so we'll be able to evaluate. We're going to let him punt, but he's got to be a little bit more consistent."

About Marlon getting removed from the game for fighting... "That's stupid. I didn't see it, to be honest with you. I was looking at the other end, at the quarterback throwing it; so I never did see what happened. I guess he threw a punch, so they kicked him out. That's something that can't happen. We haven't had that problem all year. He's going to end up probably having to sit out a half or something like that. I don't know what their rule is, but if he did it, he deserves it."

About the performance of the defensive line... "They ran the football against us and knocked us off the ball, it looked like to me, and we didn't…we got a little worn out. Just not a very good effort."

About lingering effects from the Hawaii loss last week... "I wouldn't think so, I really wouldn't. After what happened there…that's no excuse. We just didn't play very well. I don't think it had anything to do with that game."

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