GoVandals.Net Launches!

IN THE WORKS for months, we are excited to announce a number of changes to Idaho's site on the Scout network. We've operated since 2001 as, having done our best to bring you all the latest news on Vandal football and Vandal recruiting. This week we are launching a NEW name for our site - - and at long last we will be providing Vandal-based recruiting stories.

Today we are excited to announce a new name for our site, Despite the name change, our devoted staff will remain virtually the same…with a few additions! But before we discuss the name and logo change, we want to announce a new feature on this site.

Recruiting for the 2008 National Letter of Intent Day is cranking up, and beginning this week will be providing more premium recruiting content than ever before. Better still, this increase in recruiting content will be generated by staff with the focus squarely trained on University of Idaho football. Please join us in welcoming long-time Scout recruiting reporter BARRY BOLTON to the team. His outstanding coverage began earlier this week with a story about Ferris High School (Spokane) wide receiver Jared Karstetter who was recently offered a scholarship by the University of Idaho. More news is in the works.

Premium subscribers will notice a significant ramp up in the number of stories, Hot News, Breaking News and updates on all things relative to recruiting at Idaho.

Does this mean there will be less news on the upcoming season?

Not a chance.

We take pride in our coverage of Vandal football and in the fact that no print or online source comes close to offering the amount of Vandal football coverage we do here at We opened our doors on November 10, 2001 with a letter published on this site welcoming fans to And for the past six seasons no other print or online source has covered as many spring, fall, and in-season practices at the University of Idaho. Our coverage includes post-game news conference transcripts, pregame practice notes, coach interviews, our "2 Minute Drill" series with the players in one-on-one interviews, regular interviews with Idaho athletics director Rob Spear, exclusive interviews with Vandal football coaches, and our pride-and joy…an unequaled photographic library by Larry Johnson that includes tens of THOUSANDS of Vandal game and practice images. will continue to bring you all the news from practice, through our correspondents such as Gaylen Wood, Marlin Smith and the rest of our team whose boots are on the ground in Moscow. If anything, you're going to see more, not less, coverage of the 2007 Vandals. As a matter of fact, we'll be adding additional features such as more pregame analysis and pregame press conference quotes.

Additionally, we will continue our coverage of Vandal men's and women's basketball as the teams continue the rebuilding process. Gaylen Wood has been a stellar resource the last few seasons, attending and covering virtually every men's and women's home game as he chronicles the team's performance for our site. We definitely have our eye on the Cowan Spectrum and hope to add more Idaho hoops coverage to our plate.

Okay, but does this mean there aren't going to be any free articles anymore?

Not on your life. has always been among the leaders in the amount of free content provided for our readers. That will not change. When this site originally launched as, one of our missions was to make this a cyber "meeting place" where Vandal fans could gather, discuss and read all things Vandal. Thus the name Vandal "Venue". Free content was a critical component of our mission then, and it will continue to be a crucial feature in the future, regardless of the site name.

So why the name and logo changes?

First, we wanted a new site name that evoked the Vandal fight song, a fight song that our staff, as well as independent observers, believe to be among the most unique and intense fight songs in the country. A fight song that is as timeless as the University of Idaho itself. The phrase "Go Vandals" is peppered throughout the fight song, as ALL Vandal fans know (many of whom use the phrase in posts on our message boards). Now it is an integral part of this site.

Second, we wanted a new logo that would be unique to this site. We spent months considering many different alternatives. Above all, we wanted a logo that would be iconic, new, and consistent with the barbarian Vandal mascot. In the end we chose to combine a sword with a shield - the armor of their era. The logo is emblazoned with the word "IDAHO" on an embossed "I" in the heart of the shield.

Mission accomplished.

So there you have it. Our staff is expanding, our coverage of Idaho athletics is growing, and we're charting a course for the future of this site. Although the name and logo are changing, the passion with which we cover Idaho athletics remains the same.

What will change is the amount of recruiting coverage -- with a distinct Idaho focus -- our Premium subscribers will enjoy. More updates. More coverage on visits. More Hot News. More breaking news. More recruiting coverage than ever before.

We hope you continue to enjoy this site, and look forward to serving you in the future.

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