Vandal target likes 'big picture' being drawn

ONE OF THE GEM STATE's top prospects, he holds four offers including one from UI. It's early, there remains much recruiting ground to cover for the 6-3.5, 198-pound athlete out of Idaho Falls High, but two schools have emerged slightly above the pack. While July-Aug is typically a slow time in terms of recruiting contact, Marboe has been proactive. One of the schools he's talking most to? Idaho.

Marboe says the Vandals and Cowboys are the two schools who have peaked his interest most to date.

"I still have to go with Idaho and Wyoming, they're both right there," said Marboe.

Marboe has been a S/WR at Idaho Falls High, but colleges are recruiting him at linebacker, tight end and h-back. Idaho, said Marboe, has offered him as an athlete with an eye towards the 'backer spot but says that could change depending on what he does his senior season.

"I don't think that will come until they see me more during my senior year and in the later stages, to narrow it down to what position I'll be playing. Because I could be a completely different football player. Right now, I weigh 15 more pounds than I did last year. So who knows what I'll do this year," said Marboe.

IN LOOKING CLOSELY AT THE VANDALS, Marboe said he likes the 'big picture' being drawn in silver and gold on the Idaho canvas -- one authored by Robb Akey and the coaching staff, the players, and on all the way throughout the UI Athletics Department.

"I can see that the Athletic Director is behind the program," said Marboe. "And coach Akey is just a great coach. I just feel like things are going to get going there in the coming years. I know it's going to be going good there and soon. And I like knowing that."

With Wyoming, there's also much to like, he said.

"Wyoming, I love the program and the way their full ride works," said Marboe. "If you stay during the summer, your full ride will cover your room and everything, and not many colleges offer that. I like knowing that because I'm pretty sure I'll be staying my first summer, at least, in college and work on getting even bigger -- because most likely I'm going to redshirt my freshman year. So I like knowing that they'd still be there financially for my summer there."

WHILE JULY IS typically the one month college coaches have for family vacations, and August is filled with all the fall camp activities and machinations, plus restrictions are in place both months limiting the ways and means a school can contact a recruit, the prospect can pick up the phone and call a coach anytime of the year he chooses.

Marboe has made it a point to proactively do so and keep the communication lines open.

"I've been staying in contact with pretty much all the schools I have offers from, and I've also kept in contact with Boise State and Utah.

"And Boise State is going to make and trip down and watch my first two games and then talk to me after that. I'll know about where they're at concerning me after that. (The contact with) Idaho has good, asking me how I'm doing, how the weights (lifting) going, if I'm working hard, all that stuff," he said.

Marboe and his Idaho Falls teammates have already begun practicing for the upcoming 2007 season, with the latest workout an early morning session on Friday.

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