Vandals Practice on NEW Field

The RealGrass Pro infill artifial turf installation inside the ASUI Kibbie Dome is nearing completion, and in fact is complete enough that the Vandal football team was able to begin practicing on it Wednesday. The new field has completely changed the appearance of the Kibbie Dome, and is the first of what will be significant changes to the Dome.

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This week marked the beginning of a new era inside the ASUI Kibbie Dome, as Idaho completed installation of the new RealGrass playing surface. As stated in a previous update, the new surface is the exact same turf used in the AlamoDome (home of the Alamo Bowl), as well as Texas Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys. To learn more about RealGrass, follow the link below:

LINK: Sportfield LLC, RealGrass Pro

On Wednesday of this week the Vandal football team began practicing on the field to "break in" the surface, and also to get used to the new feel of the turf inside the Dome. It's a significant aesthetic change to the Dome, and more importantly a dramatic improvement over the previous AstroTurf carpet that was approaching two decades of age.

Below are a few photos taken during Wednesday's practice, as well as a couple photos taken Sunday before the hash marks had been painted.

NEW VIEW - A look from the Northside of the stadium looking south at the Bob Curtis Press Box.

View from the floor looking up at the Press Box.

Looking at the west wall of the Kibbie Dome.


View from near the press-box.

Full view of the NEW Vandal Field inside the Kibbie Dome.

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