2 Minute Drill with NATHAN ENDERLE

As a high school senior in 2005 NATHAN ENDERLE was ranked the #57 QB prospect in the country by Scout.com. He graduated from high school a semester early and enrolled at Idaho in time to take part in spring drills while the ink was still drying on his Letter of Intent. With a redshirt year and two spring camps under his belt, Enderle will lead the Vandals into the L.A. Coliseum to take on USC.

From the 1920s through the modern era, the University of Idaho has had a rich history of quarterback talent. A short list of the Vandal Field Generals to earn national recognition during their college careers include the following:

- Vernon L. "Skippy" Stivers earned Second Team All-American recognition in 1924 when Idaho was a member of the Pacific Coast Conference (predecessor to today's PAC-10) and lined up against USC annually.

- In the modern era, Ken Hobart earned 1-AA 2nd Team AP All-American honors in 1982 as a junior and 1st Team AP All-American honors as a senior in 1983.

John Friesz
- In 1987 John Friesz earned 2nd Team 1-AA All-American honors as a sophomore, 1st Team honors as a junior in '88, and as a senior was named the Division 1-AA 1989 Player of the Year. John was drafted in the 6th round of the 1990 NFL draft by San Diego. Last year John was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

- In 1993 Doug Nussmeier earned 1-AA First Team AP All-American honors. Nuss was drafted in the 4th round of the 1994 NFL draft by New Orleans.

- In 1998 John Welsh led Idaho to a bowl victory over Southern Miss, and in 2001 was invited to play in the Blue-Gray All-Star Classic.
This fall Nathan Enderle, a 6-5, 225-pound redshirt freshman out of North Platte, Nebraska with a wickedly strong arm, takes the reigns of the Vandal offense and will do his part to continue the tradition of competitive and talented Vandal signal callers in Moscow.

Week 1 of fall camp
As a high school senior he was generally considered among the Top 5 prospects in Nebraska, and was ranked No. 57 nationally by Scout.com. At the Nebraska Elite Football Camp he set the distance record with a 70-yard heave that started turning heads between his junior and senior year. He committed to Idaho early (November 2005), graduated from high school a semester early with a 4.0 GPA, and enrolled at Idaho in time to participate in spring drills with his new team.

Since the day he committed to Idaho, Nathan has been considered the front-runner to take over the healm of the Vandal offense. This fall, those expectations become a reality as he leads the Vandals into the L.A. Memorial Coliseum to take on the No. 1 team in the nation when Idaho takes on the USC Trojans and the man - former Vandal head coach Nick Holt - that signed most of this Vandal team.

The Vandals will be fielding a team that is remarkably young among specialists (i.e. runningbacks and receivers), with some veteran leadership up front in the trenches. It will be an amazing learning experience for Enderle and the entire Vandal team as they embark on a 2007 campaign.

Following Idaho's scrimmage two weeks ago GoVandals.net spoke briefly with Enderle to get his take on the team's development and his progress as Idaho's starting quarterback. Below is our post-scrimmage interview.

Nathan Enderle
Pat Hauge: In your opinion, how is the Idaho offense progressing this fall?

Nathan Enderle: "I think we're picking up a lot of stuff real fast. With the amount of new guys that we are going to play, I think it helps that they're picking up things quickly; because they have got to be ready to play the first game."

PH: You've got a lot of freshmen out there with you on offense...a lot of freshmen receivers, and young receivers in general. You're a redshirt freshman yourself. How are the young guys doing picking things up this camp?

NE: "The young guys that are looking to play significantly right now are guys like Maurice Shaw, Eric Greenwood, Deonte Jackson - they're all freshmen. They all came in and they have a lot to pick up very quickly. Not only with our offense, but also with the things they've got to learn as wide receivers that you've got to pick up from high school – things you can't do any more in college football that you could get away with in high school. Using your hands better, shedding [the cornerback], getting out on routes…things like that."

On the move
PH: Can you describe for us how your progress so far as a quarterback at Idaho. How has your game developed in the last year and half?

NE: "I'm starting to play a lot quicker...I'm making my decisions quicker. I still need to get faster at that, but I think that's progressed quite a bit, as far as being able to check down. And also, just physically being better; getting into my drops quicker."

PH: So, what do you think you need to work on as camp progresses? You've got a big opponent coming up.

NE: "Not throwing picks, not making a big mistake – knowing when to throw away and knowing when to check down. Really, [it's] the first thing you need to learn."

PH: You're learning a new offense this year. Can you describe this year's offense compared to what you learned before. In general, what's the same, what's different?

NE: "Well, we have a lot of the same concepts. We still like to throw the ball. We use a lot of similar blocking schemes for the running game. So, it really doesn't differ that much from Coach Dennis Erickson's offense … there's really not a lot of differences."

QB coach Jonathan Smith looking on (2006 Fall Camp).

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