Shiloh Keo discusses USC game

University of Idaho true-sophomore strong safety had a fantastic game for the Vandal defense, nabbing two interceptions, scooping up a fumble and seemingly being all over the field from beginning to end. Against the vaunted USC defense Keo had one of the best games of his young career. Inside he talks about today's game against USC and the performance of the Vandal defense.

PLAYER BIO: Shiloh Keo, Strong Safety, Sophomore

General thoughts of game: "No football team comes into a game with the mentality that they were going to get blown out. In our hearts we wanted to play a hard-fought game and I think we did. We didn't like the outcome, no one would. It was never in our minds that we were going to come in here and get blown out. We were hoping that it was going to be a lot better game than it was."

About his game today against USC (two picks, fumble recovery): "It wasn't me out there making the plays, it was the defense. The D line put some pressure on the quarterback on one of my picks, and I was fortunate enough to make a good break on the ball, got some good blocks after that. On that forced fumble, we had two linebackers and they made a great play, and I give the credit to them. That was their football recovery."

About the defense in general: "We started off slow – we weren't expecting it to be as quick as it was right out of the beginning, but we knew this was the number one team and we were expecting them to do great things and make big plays like they did. We were just hoping that we could rally to the ball and make some plays. We think that we've got some decent speed on the defensive side of the ball. We just didn't execute like we wanted to – we had a lot of missed tackles. If we had made some of those tackles then the score would be a little different."

Encouraged by this game? "Definitely. We prepared hard all off-season and all during camp for this game, and for the season. We had some good things, there were some bad things, but our heads are up. We played good...we didn't want the outcome to be like it was, but we did exceptional."

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