Nathan Enderle discusses USC game

University of Idaho redshirt freshman quarterback NATHAN ENDERLE made his first collegiate start in front of 92,000 USC fans as Idaho traveled to the L.A. Coliseum to take on the top ranked USC Trojans in the season opener for both schools. Inside Enderle discusses the game, the Vandal offense, and his performance in Los Angeles.

PLAYER PROFILE: Nathan Enderle, Quarterback, RS-Freshman

About the offense today against USC: "I think we did okay. There is definitely some things we will work on, but at the same time we did some things well. It was good today."

Surprised about the relative success the offense had against the Trojan D? "No, I feel like we've got a good team this year. Everybody played pretty well. I'm glad with what we did, but at the same time I'm not really surprised. I expected us to have a good team and I expected us to do well."

About the experience of playing in his first Division 1A game: "Oh yeah, it was so different. I was talking to coach Smith about it, and he said its going to be different and you'll just have to get used to it. I liked it, and I liked the feel of it."

About the "motivation" of being a huge underdog: "We try not to listen too much to people because with a new head coach we expect to be underdogs for awhile. So we just want to come play our game, control the things that we can control. We're not going to be able to control how USC plays, but we just wanted to minimize our own mistakes."

About running out of the tunnel at the Coliseum: "For me, I loved it. I haven't played for two years, and I was just excited to get back out there and especially with a big crowd, with a lot of energy in there. It just helps so much. As far as the team goes, it helps us with energy as well because we knew we really had to come in here and get in there face to play well. I think we did a few things, but at the same time with a loss like this…"

Thoughts on the offense, given several good drives that stalled before getting in the endzone: "It's always tougher in the redzone, because the ‘windows' are smaller. You have to really be precise with everything. Its one of the things we need to work on - really finishing drives in the redzone. Like you said, we had a few drives going - things are clicking - and then we got down there and just stalled out. So I think we really need to work on that."

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