SHILOH KEO: More Cal Poly post-game comments

A true-sophomore out of Everett (WA), SHILOH KEO is off to a phenominal start to the 2007 season. After two outstanding games this year, Keo has established himself as a defensive leader at Idaho. He's tied with the team lead in tackles (17), solo tackles (14), and leads the team in interceptions (2) and fumble recoveries (2). A fitting start after earning Freshman All-American honors last year.

PLAYER PROFILE: Shiloh Keo, Sophomore, Strong Safety

About having a young team around him, and what coach Robb Akey brings to the program: "I think it's nothing but us. This team is really young, and there are a lot of young guys out there getting a lot of playing time right now. That's good for our program because we're a young program. [Although] we're getting new coaches coming in and out, I think we finally got one who's willing to put forth the effort and stick around for a little bit. That's what we need. We needed somebody who's going to be like a father figure...who's going to want to stick around. I think we're going to have some big things coming ahead of us, especially during this season. I think it's going to carry on for years to come."

About the Cal Poly offense: "Actually, I grew up in high school playing that offense - the wing-T, the triple option. So I had a little knowledge on it. But I fought those guys because they executed it well. Going over our film sessions and doing all our studies, they didn't have a lot to offer out there - but they executed it well. We got off to a slow start, and they were moving the ball kinda at-will. But we buckled down near the end of the second quarter and throughout the second half, and then we played a great game."

About getting the first win for Coach Robb Akey: "It means a lot, but it wasn't only for him. It was for us too. It's just 'us'. The Vandals. That's all we've got. To be able to come out and get our first win, it feels good. It feels like this is going to carry on, and we're hoping that we can go out [this weekend] over there at WSU [Martin] Stadium and give him the second win."

About how the new turf in the Dome felt compared to the old turf: "It feels great, man. It's SO much easier on the legs. Last year the joints and stuff - they were having it. Like Nate [Nathan Enderle} was saying, it's another adversity. You've got to overcome it. Now I thank all of our boosters out there who were able to push the money for it and get that nice field. It's doing a lot for the players."

About the fumble on the punt, his only major mistake through the first two weeks: "Well, all of our blockers…it was open and everything. I just made a bad judgement on the ball, and then I was thinking I'd be able to take it off the bounce...then it bounced the wrong way. When I opened up, it bounced back the other way and bounced off me, and I was, "Oh $#%&, here we go!" I tried to scramble for the ball. It was a good play by them. They were hustling down there and they were able to get the ball, but that's on me. I'll be working on that this week. Hopefully that won't happen again."

About his reaction after the fumble, did it "fire him up" after that: "Oh, definitely. You know, people were thinking I was going to get down, but I couldn't do anything but laugh because it was just so slow motion. I knew our defense was going to step it up after that."

About the differences between Division 1A and D1AA athletes, now that Idaho has played Top 25 teams at each classification this year: "I think the biggest difference may be speed, but that's football. All these guys out on this field today, they've played it their whole life. I don't think there's a big difference between 1AA and 1A. I don't think there's a difference. If you have the mentality that you're going to come out and win, anything is possibible. Look what happened last week with Michigan and Appalachian State. Every college team is going to have athletes regardless. That's what recruiting is for. They're going to go out there and get the best they can, and you've just got to perform."

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