Player Post-Game: Vandals talk Border War

The Vandals put up an impressive fight Saturday night at Martin Stadium in the "Border War" against Washington State, jumping out to a quick and efficient 14-7 first quarter lead. The Cougs unleashed an offensive barrage in the second quarter (aided by several mistakes by Idaho on both sides of the ball) and went into halftime up 31-21. The teams traded 3rd QTR TDs, and Wazzu prevailed 45-28.

Below are post-game quotes at the media conference by University of Idaho athletes.

David Vobora, 6-1, 235, Senior, LB

About stopping the Washington State wide receivers: "We knew coming in that Alex Brink and those wide receivers, they were potent. We knew that they were dangerous. Its hard when they got into the spread, in different situations, you can cover four guys but he'll find that fifth. They're explosive, and unfortunately we didn't tackle real well, which has kind of plagued us these last couple games. Playing that offense is something that isn't easy."

About Idaho's confidence at halftime when it was very much a game, considering it was expected to be a blowout and it was a tight game for four quarters: "We felt fine. I knew we would come out swinging. I thought we were going to have a fast start, and I think we did. We had to make some adjustments at halftime as well as they made some adjustments at halftime. When it came down to it they made the plays on third down and in the big situations, and we didn't. Coming into halftime we felt fine. We have to be able to play 60 minutes. We're going to win games if we play for 60 mintues. If we play 45 or 38 its not going to happen. Especially against a good team like Washington State."

Deonte Jackson, 5-8, 185, RS-Fr, Runningback

About the game: "We played a hard fought game. It was a battle, as everyone saw. It wasn't just a run-over, it was a battle, and we didn't win tonight unfortunately. We would have liked to have come out on top. We had things going for us at the beginning, but we just had a little trouble keeping that ball rolling. But we're going to keep our heads up and keep pushing, and just look towards the next game."

About Idaho coming out with a lot of confidence, anything change at the half: "I wouldn't say there was a difference, I'd say we believed from the first quarter to the fourth quarter. I don't think myself or anyone on my team ever stopped believing. We just didn't have the plays when we needed them. That's football."

About what Idaho did well tonight: "Of course I always think we run well. We moved the ball when needed. The passing game started off terrific, as you saw. We had a couple glitches, a couple wrong reads by the receivers. Just a few mental errors, but nothing drastic."

About things Idaho needs to fix: "Just mental errors. As a team, I think we played our butts off. But we had a few mental errors on the line. Got a little pressure…as seen our quarterback had a lot of pressure, got sacked a few times. Receivers missed routes. Missed blocking assignments by myself. I think I could have made a couple different reads on some of the runs and got a couple extra yards. Just all around mental mistakes."

About the loss to WSU: "I'm very familiar with the rivalry, from last year [Deonte redshirted at Idaho last year]. It stings, but all "L's" sting. You always want to come out with that "W" at the end of the game. I think we will be respected more than we what were, but that "W" would have made this 100% different for us. So yes, this "L" has a little more sting to it."

About wanting to play WSU again next year: "I would love to face them for the rest of my career here with the University of Idaho. I would."

Nathan Enderle, 6-5, 223, RS-Fr, Quarterback

About the way Idaho started offensively: "I thought we started pretty good, we hit a few things big and we just needed to carry that on throughout the game and we just weren't able to do that. Whenever you're hitting big plays its always kind of a give and take, sometimes you're just not going to hit them."

About Max Komar: "Max played well. He got open a few times and we hit him on some big plays. I've always known he had that capability, and he just really showed it tonight."

About the start of his game: "As soon as coach Akey told us he wanted us to receive the ball if we won the toss, so I knew that he expected our offense to come out and play. We started pretty strong, and then things kinda panned out. We can't let that happen. We have to keep going for four quarters."

About the turnovers: "Turnovers are always big. Momentum swing, field position…its really hard to win when you have that many turnovers."

About the interceptions: "One of them was a force, the last one at the end of the game, trying to throw it up field."

About things to build on from this game: "Every game you need to build off of it. You always need to find out what you can do better. Every game for us is going to be a building block. Especially with all of the young guys that were playing tonight."

About the roller coaster ride this game was: "With a lot of turnovers, big plays for both teams, it was definitely a shoot out for awhile. Whenever that happens, emotionally it's pretty taxing."

About matching Wazzu blow-for-blow in the first half, what happened as the game progressed: "One thing for us, we needed to establish a little bit more of a running game early. We weren't able to do that. We were able to hit a few big runs [in the third quarter], but they started dropping back a lot in coverage [in the second quarter]. They did a good job of adjusting and playing hard until the end of the game."

Can Idaho compete in the WAC: "Yes sir, I feel like we can compete."

Stanley Franks, 5-11, 170, Senior, Cornerback

About covering WSU's receivers: "Their receivers are really talented. There is real skill, a couple fast guys as well. No. 2 did real good, No. 4. They're real play makers, they go after the ball."

About changes from last year as far as Idaho's coverage: "Oh no, we ran different coverages. A little bit more man, different personnel and things like that."

About the interceptions: "We were in man-to-man, corner over, he ran an out and I just made a break on it."

Comparing this offense to USC: "Washington State is more spread out…three receivers, four receivers. USC likes to keep it to more traditional personnel, two receivers and stuff like that. WSU is more spread out, USC is more attack down the field on man routes."

About WSU's attack, any surprises: "Just watching film, not too much threw us off. They ran a little bit more empty [backfield] than we thought [going in], but not too much threw us off today."

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