ASUEGA: Family ties and up and coming team

HENRY ASUEGA didn't wait long after Idaho offered a scholarship to make his choice. The 6-0.5, 261 pound athletic, quick defensive tackle gave his verbal commitment to Robb Akey and staff last Wednesday, first dialing up his brother who happens to also be an Idaho assistant coach.

Donning the silver and gold was a family decision for Asuega. After Idaho offered a couple weeks ago, joining UTEP and Idaho State, Asuega's parents were high on the opportunity for Henry to go to Idaho and join his brother, Vandals' linebackers coach Johnny Nansen.

"Because my brother coaches up there, they thought it would be best if I'd go up there and stay with him but at the same time, play for a D-I school," said Asuega.

And there were other factors involved.

"I was interested in Idaho already," he said. "They were doing pretty bad last year but after I watched a couple of their games this year they were doing pretty good and they're a young I could have a good chance of starting as a freshman."

ASUEGA CALLED his brother first and then talked to Akey.

"He said, 'Oh I'm fired up now, you made my day!', so he was pretty happy," said Asuega.

Idaho showing Asuega how much they wanted him also played a large role, in particular because Asuega is sitting out this year with a knee injury.

"I want to thank my family and then also Idaho for being on top of it," he said.

Asuega went through the offseason thinking he had an MCL injury when it turned out it was the anterior cruciate ligament. He is expected to make a full recovery but it means his senior season ended before it began.

"The whole year I was training it was bothering me so I finally got an MRI before 'Hell Week'...I'm supposed to have surgery (this month)," said Asuega.

Asuega will travel to Moscow later this year for his official visit.

ASUEGA HAS quicks and athleticism not often found in a player his size -- UTEP had offered him as a fullback. Colorado was also recruiting him for that spot.

Despite missing 40 percent of his junior season after injuring his knee last season, Asuega still earned second team all-league honors.

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