Six-seven hoss has Idaho offer, visit planned

THE LEFT TACKLE SPOT on offense, assuming a right handed quarterback, is usually the highest profile position on the offensive line because he protects the blind side. Get a good one there and you have a chance to really open some things up offensively. One tackle target for the Vandals has size (6-foot-7), quicks off the snap, plus an Idaho offer and scheduled official visit to Moscow.

Ron Mallory, a hulking 6-7, 290-pounder out of Glendale, Ariz., is scheduled for an official trip to Idaho on Nov. 10. The visit could go a long ways towards deciding his college future.

"I've pretty got all of my questions answered by the coaches as far as how they're going to use me. The (remaining) ones are not so much about the program but what the down time life is like...I want to make sure the fit is right," said Mallory.

The Palouse atmosphere looks to set up as a potential plus, he added.

"It's beautiful country up there. I'm an outdoorsman type of kid, and they've got great Forestry Programs at the school. It's just a nice play to be," said Mallory.

IDAHO O-LINE COACH Steve Axman is running the recruiting point for Idaho.

"He's a great guy. He calls me (often) just seeing how I'm doing, how my game went -- things I did good, things I did bad," said Mallory.

He's heard most from Idaho since Sept. 1, and has also been in contact with Boise State on "a few occasions."

"At this point, it's pretty much those three," said Mallory.

He also recently returned from an unofficial to Northern Arizona, a visit he said went well. It is Boise State, however, who has been showing increasing interest and could be on the verge of extending an offer.

"Boise State I'm sending film out to Coach (Steve) Huff (this week). I've already sent him two different game films and he's said he really likes what he's seen but he wants to makes sure what he's getting. So he wants two more game films and I'm sending that out to him. Coach Reed from NAU said they normally don't offer guys too early, and he wants to make sure he does all his homework...they said they're looking for tackles and I fit the bill," said Mallory.

THE SCOOP ON MALLORY is he's a guy with plenty of room to pack on pounds and muscle, long arms and who is flexible in his stance for his height.

"Coach Axman from the University of Idaho told me he really likes how I'm fast off the ball," said Mallory.

There are no official stats for offensive linemen and Deer Valley High doesn't keep track of pancake blocks or the like, which is just fine with Mallory. He did, however, lend his insight on how his individual performance this season has gone. In brief, pass the Mrs. Butterworths.

"I'm having a heck of a season. I'm not in there counting pancake blocks. But I am stackin' them up," said Mallory.

He has no set decision timetable for his verbal commitment.

"It could be right around the corner or it could be a little farther out than that," said Mallory.

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