Dinner, dessert and a verbal

ROBB AKEY AND STEVE AXMAN spent some productive hours at the home of Arizona offensive lineman Guy Reynolds on Monday night. Three generations of the Reynolds family were on hand to meet the Vandal coaches, a strong impression was made by the UI staff on the elder Reynolds, and it ended up that dinner and desert weren't the only things on the menu.

A verbal commitment by Reynolds was in the cards as well, coming at the tail end of the Idaho in-home visit.

"Coach Akey, the head coach, and coach Axman, the offensive coordinator were down," said Reynolds. "They talked with my parents and my parents really liked them -- especially my dad, he really liked the coaches. And my grandfather was there and he was impressed with them, too.

"And they just answered a lot of questions, they were here for about two hours or so."

There were some looks that passed between father and son over the course of the evening that probably didn't go unnoticed by Akey and Axman, said Reynolds.

"We had some dessert and then I just came out and told them," said Reynolds. "They were pretty happy. I think he (Akey) knew. He told me he had thought I was going to commit when we were eating because he saw a smile (between dad and son). So he asked me, 'Do you have something to tell me,' and I just said 'You know what, I'm just going to do it right now, I want to commit right now.'"

Akey's reaction wasn't an unexpected one. He probably didn't want to put a dent in the Reynolds' ceiling, so he didn't completely break off one of his customary high flying leaps like he does on the sideline on Saturdays.

But he didn't exactly sit still either.

"He smacked the table and looked like he came out of his shoes," laughed Reynolds.

Arizona has been Idaho's main competition for the 6-3, 314-pounder from Avondale, Ariz., this recruiting season but the Wildcats never offered a scholarship with others higher on their board. Still, it doesn't sound like Arizona is ready to completely move on.

"I'm a Vandal...actually 100 percent sure I'm going there. Our coach called U of A and told them and everything and they were pretty disappointed but...they haven't really been giving me all the attention. They're coming to my game on Friday, they're still coming to evaluate me. But I told my coach that it's a 100 percent done deal," said Reynolds.

Reynolds took his official visit to Idaho earlier this month, saying he "had a blast" while in Moscow. Reynolds, an excellent student, holds a 3.35 GPA and has achieved a qualifying score on the ACT.

He was first team all region and all Arizona as a junior, racking up 65 pancake blocks in '06 -- a total that broke the school record. Reynolds has already surpassed that pancake block mark this year and his season isn't over yet. Reynolds and Westview (10-2) will meet South Mountain (11-1) for the right to move onto the title game on Friday in a Class 5A Division II semifinal clash at Phoenix College.

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