Don Verlin Press Conference, Part 1 goes one-on-one with new Idaho Men's Basketball Head Coach DON VERLIN about the outlook for his new coaching staff, as well as the race to recruit players for next fall. We also catch up with Vandal guard Michael Hall, who set a new University of Idaho record this season when he drained nine 3-pointers in a victory over San Jose State, to get his read on the change.


LARRY JOHNSON – What do you think about the hire of Don Verlin?
MICHAEL HALL – "You know, I think it's a good decision. I'm kind of shocked, and it kind of caught me off guard a little bit. I was back home seeing my family and I got the call, and I saw it on ESPN. So, you know, we're taking it day by day. Hopefully it's a good transition. Me and my teammates talked about it. A whole new coaching staff - we're going to try to take it from here, turn this thing around."

LJ - Describe the mood in the locker room when you had your first team meeting with Coach Verlin today.
MH - "It was a little weird actually. Just having a brand new guy – the same lectures throughout the whole season, listening to the same guy, same group of coaches. And now just having a brand new guy, and just a totally different atmosphere. Just trying to get adapted to all this newness. But, it comes along with the business of basketball – it's a business, it's how it is."


LJ - How is recruiting going to go for you, considering some of the facility challenges and player personnel you're going to have to address.
DV - "It's too early to tell at this point. Some of those things you said are exactly right on. I think one of the things I've always based all of my recruiting on is relationships. Relationships with coaches; relationships with players. We've got a number of good relationships out there that we're going to call on to bring in some people to the University of Idaho. I think one of the things you have to do in recruiting is sell your strengths, and that is what we're going to do. That's what we're going to concentrate on. I think it will go fine. Until we get into the middle of it, and until we see what happens when LOI Day comes along, and then those things change. But I think we'll be just fine."

LJ - There are some recruits that are obviously in the pipeline, that the staff has probably been working on in the early period – are any of those recruits going to be retained, and where do those guys stand.
DV - "I don't know yet, I've got to get in here this week and figure that out. I know those guys, but I haven't talked to each one on the phone yet. So, I think that will kind of work itself out as we move along."

LJ - You've named one assistant that you will have on your staff, and that is…
DV - "Mike Score, who was on the staff at the University of Idaho last year, and at the University of Utah before that."

LJ - Are any other assistants going to be retained?
DV - "I'm going to talk to Brian Hancock tomorrow night. I will sit down and visit with him and see where he is, but I don't know that for sure at this point."

LJ - Are there any JC players or coaches that you're going to bring in at this point.
DV - "There's probably a good possibility that a JC coach is going to be on staff. I'm going to get a guy that can coach basketball first, and whether he's able to bring us a big guy right away or not – or guards right away or not – I don't know. But there are some guys that I have talked to, and there probably will be a JC coach on staff soon."

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