IMPRESSIONS: Justin Morales & Kama Bailey caught up with true freshmen JUSTIN MORALES (QB) and Kama Bailey (RB/ATH) to get their initial thoughts on the first two days of practice, Nike, and Idaho's continuously improving facilities. And about Moscow? "Here, everyone's saying 'Hi.' They're like…overly nice. It's a great atmosphere. It's cool."

JUSTIN MORALES, 6-0, 185, True Freshman

Justin signed with the Vandals this past spring, and this is his first Fall Camp in Moscow. The dual-threat quarterback picked Idaho over an offer from Air Force, and comes from a Carlsbad High School program that has been accustomed to a strong winning percentage. As a senior he completed 112-of-191 attempts for 1,623 yards and 12 TDs (he was slowed early in season with an injury), and led his team to back-to-back San Diego Section titles. On Nov 3rd last year in a key High School game he completed 37-of-53 attempts for 405 yards and five TDs, including the game-winning TD in the final minute. He was named a preseason California Top-20 QB by

LARRY JOHNSON: So how does it feel now? You're two days into camp.
JUSTIN MORALES: "Basically I'm just trying to learn the plays, get in the swing of things, get in the mix, and then just pay attention and get mental reps. Basically, just learn everything quick and try to get in the system."

LJ: How do you feel physically?
JM: "Physically I feel pretty good. A lot of these guys are pretty big; so I'm going to have to have a good off season in the weight room. But I feel like I can play with these guys, and I'm itching to get it."

LJ: What do you think of the Nike gear?
JM: "I love the Nike gear. I mean, I wear Nike every day; so I love it."

LJ: There's some new facilities here; so what do you think of the new facilities?
JM: "The facilities are great. They're awesome. I've been in there. I can't wait till the Dome gets finished. It's going to look awesome. But as far as the weight room, everything's nice, organized, and it's a good atmosphere to be able to get after it in."

LJ: Do you feel that you have some camaraderie with the teammates by now?
JM: "Yeah. I mean it's weird coming from San Diego - it's a big city and you walk by people and they don't really pay much attention to you. Here, everyone's saying "Hi." They're like…overly nice. [laughter] It's a great atmosphere. It's cool."

LJ: All right. Thank you very much.
JM: "Thank you."

KAMA BAILEY, 5-9, 209, True Freshman

Bailey comes to Idaho after being named The Star Bulletin Offensive Player of the Year last year for his record-setting season on the islands. He set a new Hawaii state single-season rushing record gaining 2,098 yards as a senior, scoring 22 touchdowns along the way. A slasher with great vision, Bailey averaged 10.9 yards per carry for the Monarchs. He also set an Interscholastic League of Honolulu single-game record with a insane 370-yard, five touchdown performance for the ages in November. And this wasn't just a "one and done" deal for the 2-year starter either. As a junior he gained 1,570 yards while scoring 13 touchdowns.

LARRY JOHNSON: Well, let's see. From the islands to the mainland, and here you are in Moscow - all the way from Hawai'i. How does it feel to be here?
KB: "Yeah, it feels good. I'm happy to be a part of Idaho, try to get in the system, learn new plays and just have fun."

LJ: What do you think of the weather? Any Hawai'l comparisons on the weather?
KB: "Right now it's bright and sunny just like Hawai'I, but I guess Hawai'i would be having a little breeze here and there; so you've just got to adapt to the weather out here. But it's all good."

LJ: How do you feel about the second day of practice now? You're in college now, and here you are in practice day two. How do you feel?
KB: "I mean, I feel good. A bunch of learning you've got to do. Just take it, learn it, and make sure you learn your plays, study at night and just have fun. Just enjoy everything that you can do."

LJ: What do you think of the Nike gear?
KB: "I always liked Nike, and I heard we were going to be Adidas. But when we came up here there was Nike, so I was happy, man. It's nice. Everything is really nice and good; so I'm just happy for that."

LJ: And the facilities – what do you think about the facilities here?
KB: "The facilities – that is beautiful. The locker room is nice. I'm not used to having nice facilities around me, but I'm happy to come up here - nice facilties. The dome is going to be finished, and now I know that's going to be nice; so I'm just happy to be a part of this team."

LJ: All right. Thank you very much. KB: "All right. Thank you."

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