Redshirt sophomore starting quarterback NATHAN ENDERLE (6-5, 223) had a stellar first scrimmage of fall, connecting on 16 of 19 attempts for 277 yards and two touchdowns. Inside Enderle talks about the performance of his receiving corps (he peppered the ball between nine receivers), the depth of the offensive line in front of him, and his opportunity to run the ball this fall.

PLAYER QUOTES: Nathan Enderle, 6-5, 223, QB

Q: The offense out there today did well.
NATHAN ENDERLE: "Yeah. I'm excited. I mean, it's kind of a group effort with that. The linemen blocked well. The receivers ran good routes, had a lot of nice catches. The running backs ran hard. I'm excited to see all that really come together in the first scrimmage.

Q: Coach Akey was looking for receivers today, and you seemed to hit a lot them. Have you seen them improve a lot, or is it just that they're starting to connect all of a sudden?
NE: "They've all improved over the summer and during camp, running their routes more precisely and coming up with the big plays, kinda getting their ball skills back. That's good to see."

Q: A thought about the offensive line. You know you lost another guy last Saturday and Mike of course not coming back until October. Are you concerned at all or can you see guys ready to step up?"
NE: "No, and that's the good thing about having depth. That's one thing we've been kinda lacking the past few years. We had a couple of guys that could actually come in and step up and play at a high level. That helps us a ton. I'm hoping those guys will be back as soon as they can, but I'm really confident in the people we have that can fill those spots."

Q: How about you guys now running the spread offense pretty much all the time in the shotgun set. Do you like that? What do you think?
NE: "In high school I took a lot of snaps in the gun. It's easier to see the defense. There are a lot more focus issues – catching the snap and being good with your hands, and that'll show up sometimes. But it's just going to take a little bit more focus, and I'm just as comfortable in the gun as I am under center."

Q: Do you like it?
NE: "Yeah. It's nice."

Q: What are the advantages of going with that set as opposed to crouching under the center and all that?
NE: "You start at five yards; so your drops aren't an issue. You don't have to take a big long drop. You can see the field a little bit better. The plays you run as far as the running game are a little bit different, and it's just kinda the identity of your team and how you want to play. You kinda figure it out with that."

Q: I guess once you get the ball though the pass game is pretty much the same sort of stuff."
NE: "Exactly. I mean, in the gun, the pass game is the same used off the fake as deep of a drop."

GAYLEN WOOD: Are you ready to run the ball in this formation yourself?
NE (smiling): "Yeah. I'm excited."

Q: So we will see you tote it a few times, huh?
NE: "Yeah. I mean, we've seen with the read series it's pretty big in college football right now. You know. I'm not built to run but I can pick up a few yards here and there. I worked on that during the summer with my speed and such."

Q: Now will that be a read by you or will it be pre-called?
NE: "It depends on the play."

Q: You have some where you've got the option? You'll have a handoff or …
NE: "Luckily for me. I'm trying to show the coaches."

Q: So instead of "Enderle, two carries for minus 14 we actually might see…
NE: "Two carries for zero. [Laughter] I'm trying to break even."

Q: Want to balance out those stats?
NE: "I just want to get a touchdown."

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