Senior Offensive Team Captain ADAM KORBY (6-2, 295), a four-year starter at center for the Vandals and a Second Team All-WAC selection last year, talks about today's scrimmage. He also addresses the young offensive linemen stepping up in the ranks to take over for two projected starters who are out for all (or part) of the 2008 season.

PLAYER QUOTES: Adam Korby, 6-2, 295, Center, Senior

Q: You know, you guys are kinda having to shuffle things on the offensive line. How is it? How do things seem to be going?
ADAM KORBY: "You know, we had a couple of injuries, but there are just a couple guys stepping up. The nice thing this year is we actually have depth at O line; so guys are actually doing a really good job stepping in and filling that position. It's nice to actually have depth on O line.

Q: You're not concerned?
AK: "I'm not concerned at all. Every other guy, if you look at, they're juniors. They have actually no game experience, but they've been practicing, they've been in the ranks for a long time, waiting to play; so I'm not concerned with it at all.

GAYLEN WOOD: How different is this than what it was early in your career? I know the answer, but I want to hear it from you.
AK: "Just as a whole I've never been as close with an O line. I know every other guy on the O line, and I'm super close with everybody. It just helps being that close with the O line. I know everything the person next to me is doing. It's just that much nicer."

Q: How about the way the offense, the top offense, performed today?
AK: "Offense did a really good job. Defense just had a little tough time. I'm sure they're gonna come out full speed tomorrow. Offense did a really good job, and the big thing we have to stay with is consistency. We did a really good job last year. We just weren't consistent. We just need to keep on going and bring it every day."

Q: How did things feel for you today?
AK: "It felt really good. It beats being in a two-a-day. It's always fun getting out there and scrimmaging. It was fun today."

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