CAMP QUOTES: QB Nathan Enderle

A little over a week remains before the 2008 football season kicks off for the Vandals, as Idaho continues to prepare for the August 30th season opener in Tucson against the Arizona Wildcats. Idaho starting quarterback NATHAN ENDERLE fielded questions after Tuesday's scrimmage, addressing Idaho's development this Camp at wide receiver, and across the line on the defensive side of the ball.

PLAYER PROFILE: Nathan Enderle, 6-5, 223, RS-So, QB

Q: How about the last scrimmage of the fall camp. How do you think it went for everybody?
NATHAN ENDERLE: "You know, offensively…I'll start with that first. We started a little slow, apparently. But I think the biggest thing to take out of it is we recovered from it quickly rather than kinda letting it drag on throughout the scrimmage and then ending the day with our heads down. I think that that's a big boost for us this year as far as experience. We can get over things quicker. Defensively they played well at the start, and as soon as we started getting into a rhythm on offense it started to become more back and forth rather than just one-sided it was the first couple of series."

Q: It does seem, unlike the last two scrimmages, both sides of the ball had some things they could be happy about.
NE: "Exactly. I think that's what you kinda shoot for. It's tough when you're playing your own team because usually one team beats the other one and then somebody's mad. It's good to see it go back and forth, and I think it's important because you need both teams playing well to succeed in the end. You can't just have a really good offense and the defense plays poorly; you're not going to win that game, and vice-versa."

Q: How much are you looking ahead to a week from Saturday now?
NE: "Definitely. I mean, it's going to be good getting back out on the field, and I think we really need to show what type of team we can be. I think we can do that in the first week."

Q: Really? How about you yourself, Nate? Heading into that first game with Arizona, is the feeling different than it was heading into that first game against USC last year?
NE: "Of course. I mean, USC as a first game, the top team in the nation? It's difficult to reproduce, but at the same time it's not like we're looking past it. They're still a Pac-10 team, and I'm sure they're very talented; so we need to focus and we need to prepare for this game just like it is USC, because we really need to gain some confidence at the start of the season rather than waiting, you know? ‘Oh, it's a Pac 10 team, yadda yadda; we'll try to get one of these smaller teams and beat them.' It's not going to work like that."

Q: Looking over your defense, brag about them a little bit. What did you like when they were coming up against you? What did you see that was good?
NE: "I think they're picking up their concepts better. What I'm excited about, there are quite a few injured guys on the defense right now, but they're still playing at a high level, so I think that's better than a few years previous when, you know, a guys goes down and all of a sudden you're looking at the next guy and he's not quite ready because he's young or something like that. The depth we have on both offense and defense is helping us immensely."

Q: Since you could brag about your defense a little bit, brag about your offense a little bit. Your receivers, or your line. What did you really like from them today?
NE: "What I'm starting to really like is our outside receivers stepping up and making big plays. I think I said something about it two weeks ago, maybe last week - I don't know. But Eric Greenwood, Maurice Shaw, and even Preston Davis - a freshman - have all…they've come up with some big plays when we really need it, and I think that's huge. You need all four guys going at full speed, ready to go. Last year we had Max Komar and Eddie Williams both on the inside playing well, but we didn't really have that consistency outside to make the big play when we needed it. We do have that now."

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