CAMP QUOTES: WR Eric Greenwood

The Vandal wide receiving unit has made significant gains this off-season. One of the young bucks who earned significant playing time last year as a true freshman, ERIC GREENWOOD (6-6, 207) is emerging as one of Idaho's top targets as the 2008 season fast approaches. He's added 20 pounds to his frame while reducing his 40-time, and has been on the receiving end of some big plays in Fall Camp.

PLAYER PROFILE: Eric Greenwood, 6-6.5, 207, So, WR

Q: It seems like every scrimmage so far there have been a couple of plays you've made in each one of them.
EG: "I don't know. Obviously I'm a big tall receiver, and probably one of the reasons they recruited me here is because they saw me making those plays in high school. It was kinda frustrating –- well not frustrating, but I didn't have enough of those last year; so that's definitely one thing I focused on. If the ball's in the air, especially 40 or 50 yards downfield, I've got to be the one to make a play. It's been worth it."

Q: Especially against the smaller defenders, huh?
EG: "Oh yeah, yeah. That's definitely an advantage for me being so tall and lanky, just being able…the smaller guys, it makes it a lot easier, I mean. I love that."

Q: It seems like you're going to be really in the top mix of the receivers. Has that got you pretty excited?
EG: "Oh, I'm so excited right now. Every scrimmage I've come out and I've had big plays, really big plays and stuff. I'm just excited to go down and do that in Arizona and then throughout the season, because I know if I can do it here on a consistent basis I'll be able to go and do that [in a game]. In every game we play I hope to have a big play like that.

GAYLEN WOOD: Just out of curiosity, do have any idea at full extension how high you can jump and touch?
EG: "Um, well on the move probably around 12 feet, but like just standing still I can get, off vertical I think I touched like 11-1/2 feet off vertical, but I mean it's different in the game because you don't really have time to think about that [laughing], but somewhere around there."

Q: So if the team ever had a slam dunk contest you'd win it?
EG: "Oh, yeah. Easily. All the guys, that's how I always played in basketball. I mean, there's quite a few of us who can dunk. We have a lot of fun doing that too."

Q: People watching you last year, I think they were, "Wow. This kid can really jump" and everything, but he's a liitle skinny. How much weight have you managed to put on?
EG: "Well, since I first got here, last year during the season I probably played at probably around 193. I came in at about 185, and right now I've been weighing in consistently at about 207, and I got up to 217 in the winter but just kinda lost those. We kept working out in spring ball and stuff; so I'm going to just keep on putting on more weight. I've gotten a lot faster, too; so just keep improving everything."

GAYLEN WOOD: How much faster? What kind of speed have you got?
EG: "I'm [in the] high 4.6, low 4.7. I mean, I wasn't doing that before. I'm excited about that, too."

Q: Is there a play in the play book where it's third and long and it's "you go deep and we'll throw the ball up to you?"
EG: "No. We've got a desperation play, like last play type stuff. If they wanted that they'd just call that, tell the quarterback to throw it up."

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