CAMP QUOTES: H-Back Eddie Williams

Senior EDDIE WILLIAMS (6-2, 240), Idaho's top H-Back heading into the 2008 season and a major contributor to the Vandal offense throughout his career, talks about the progress the offense has made since last season and knowing that this is his last season as a collegiate athlete. "My role out there is to make plays when I can, especially in the run game, and get these young guys going."

PLAYER PROFILE: Eddie Williams, 6-2, 240, Senior, H-Back

About the performance of the team in the final scrimmage of spring earlier this week: "Well, on offense at least we started off a little slow, but we were able to pick it up. Just being able to maintain that intensity we had at the end throughout the whole, entire practice, and going into Arizona … that's going to get us some wins, basically; so hopefully if we can do that we'll be a good football team on offense."

About the progress of the team throughout spring, summer and particularly during Fall Camp: "No doubt about it. It's good actually to have an offense two years in a row. This is my first time; so that's a start. But on top of that we've got a lot of young guys progressing. I look at Maurice Shaw outside and we have confidence in him now that he's a guy that's had some experience, and just to see guys like (Eric) Greenwood and Nathan (Enderle) just making plays. They're young guys. That's good to see. Now I feel like we actually have an offense that's high powered, and we can actually move the football."

About the performance of the wide receivers specifically - Are there any receivers stepping up to coach Robb Akey's challenge to find receivers who can be leaders this fall: "Yeah. Absolutely. Preston Davis is playing well; like I said, Mo Shaw and Eric Greenwood. Just having guys. We have a corps of receivers that are all making plays now. Last year it just seemed like we were at a loss for guys making plays. Now it seems like the quarterback's going to go to someone on third down, and they're going to make a play for us. We're not nervous, we're not biting our nails on third down any more. That's a start right there. An exciting feeling."

About Eddie, the senior among the receiving corps, stepping up to take a leadership role for the team and younger receivers around him: "Oh yeah, absolutely. I feel like my role on the team … as an H-back you're not going to catch the ball 10 times a game. My role out there is to make plays when I can, especially in the run game, and get these young guys going. I feel like I can motivate them pretty well, and so far I've done a good job, me and the rest of the leaders – Adam Korby and those guys – bringing our young guys along. Preston Davis has just come a long way, and it's good to see some young guys making plays for us."

Will he be doing a little of everything again this year, or will his role be more focused: "You know, I think so [fulfilling a wide number of roles on the team]. I'm just going to help whenever I can. If coach Axman throws me in at receiver, if he wants to throw me in at a little H-back, some running back, whatever. Whatever he want to let me do, I'm going to help. He's been around a long time; so I'm going to trust his judgment."

Does this season feel any different being a senior; with this being his last season at the collegiate level: "I think so. It's a little weird, because I feel like I just got here not too long ago, and I'm looking at it like I'm going to play my last game in the Kibbie Dome this year. That's kind of a shock to me; so it's a little odd, especially to see all the faces are different around me, but I love it. I love Idaho, I love the Kibbie Dome. I love everything about it. No question about it."

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