One of the newest members of the Vandal football team, safety JEROMY JONES transferred to Idaho from Arizona Western Junior College and joined the team in time for fall camp. He has earned significant reps with the top Vandal defense, and this week started at strong safety for regular starter Shiloh Keo who missed the scrimmage. He's quickly adapting to his role and preparing to take on Arizona.

PLAYER PROFILE: Jeromy Jones, 6-0, 195, Junior, Safety

About when he arrived at Idaho: "I got here like two days before camp actually started."

Is he surprised about his role so far and the role he's been playing already in this defense: "Not really. I mean, that's what I came here for, to help the team out. The first couple scrimmages it was more of a learning thing; so I really didn't play as fast, but now I know my plays a lot better; so I'm faster on the field."

GAYLEN WOOD: What did you do to prepare yourself. If you didn't get here until two days before camp when everybody had been here all summer working out, how did you get ready for this? "I actually just trained over the summer. I knew coming here was going to be a big jump from JC ball; so I just tried to prepare myself for that."

Why Idaho? "There were a couple of players on my JC team, and I talked to a few coaches from here, and it really seemed like a good, family-oriented team, a lot of tradition, and that's where I wanted to play at; so that's why I chose here."

About his former high school teammates on the team: "Charles Smith and Michael Cosgrove, they also played with me in high school."

About the players at his former JC who talked to him about coming to Idaho and are they on the Idaho team with him now: "They're not here yet. They'll probably be here next fall – Kory Toomer and George Kauwalu."

About the interception he made in the last scrimmage: "Just knew what I had to do on the field, and I was at the right spot at the right time. I got the interception and tried to take it back, but I'd been on the field a long time [Jeromy also blocked a field goal attempt in the scrimmage]."

About when he found out that Shiloh Keo was sitting out the scrimmage and he would be starting in Shiloh's place: "Actually, like five minutes before the scrimmage. I was actually in a meeting until about 2:15; so I was late coming out, and I saw him in the locker room and he said he wasn't going, so I just knew I had to step up and fill his shoes; so I did the best I could."

About his first start as a Vandal: "It was cool. I mean, that's what my goal was coming here; so I got the chance and I felt I had to show what I can do, and today was the day to do it."

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