CAMP QUOTES: Head Coach Robb Akey

Coach Akey spoke earlier this week about the team's final preparation as the 2008 season opener against the Arizona Wildcats approaches. With a little over a week remaining before kickoff, Coach Akey talks about the freshmen angling for immediate playing time, the performance of transfer Jeromy Jones, and the performances he's seen on both sides of the ball so far in Camp.

The following is a transcript of media quotes from this week's post-scrimmage.

About the team's last scrimmage: [Looking at a black I-Vandal card folded in half] "Well, I've got a lot of names written down here of guys making plays on both sides of the ball, and for that I'm very happy. I thought we got physical with each other today. I thought they certainly played hard. Both sides of the ball are going to look at things that they did well, and they're going to look at things that they need to do better. Obviously we still need to continue cleaning up our special teams. We're getting a lot of work done there. I liked very much the progress that we made today. That was, I thought, a very, very, very good thing."

About the balance of the offense and defensive units: "Well, it appears to me that at this point in time it was. I mean, we score touchdowns, we stoppep ‘em from scoring touchdowns, forced field goals, we blocked a field goal, we had the interception; so like I said I've got defensive linemen written down here, defensive backs, receivers. Eric Greenwood's name keeps showing up as a receiver making things happen, and that's a very, very positive sign there. Eddie Williams is another one making plays on the offensive side of the ball. I think our quarterback's doing a pretty darn good job. There are some things we're certainly going to clean up, but we're doing a nice job there. There was a little bit more in the penalty game – procedure penalities, and we're wasting some time outs, but that's happening with our second offense moreso than it is with our first offense. Obviously I want that addressed, because we that time out to be able to have any challenges if that's necessary. I think we're progressing well.

About the performance of transfer Jeromy Jones subbing for Shiloh Keo at strong safety: "Yeah. Jeromy Jones got more opportunity with Shiloh being on the bench, and I'm very happy with what he did (checking card). I've got him rushing the quarterback, I've got him with an interception, I've got him on the special teams. You know, his name's showing up a lot. He showed up a lot on this football field today, and that's a great, great thing, and we certainly need some help there at safety. There hasn't been a lot of depth; so that helps. Shelton Miles is another youngster who's going to get some opportunity there. You see Virdell Larkins. I thought he did some good things out there today, and we've had Shiloh do some very good things thoughout the course of camp and in previous seasons; so I think that's starting to come together nicely back there."

About Jeromy's background and how he came to Idaho: "Jeremy walked on with us. He was teammates with some of the Las Vegas kids – he was with Cosgrove if I remember right, Desert Pines High School, and his coach kept hitting us: ‘Hey, there's a guy y'all oughta take a look at.' He was at a junior college down in Arizona (Arizona Western in Yuma). He contacted us. His coach got him in touch with us and wanted to know if he could walk on; so we opened up the doors, and that's been an exciting addition."

About his role as a solid second team safety who is positioned to playing time this fall: "That'd be a fair statement, yes sir. [stated with a smile] He's in that mix, and he's making plays, and we're gonna see not only at safety, but where can he fit on special teams. That's a young man right there who showed me he can help us."

About Shiloh Keo sitting out this week's scrimmage: "He's a little bit banged up right now. He's got his back bothering him, he tweaked the knee a little bit. It's deep into training camp things, and that's a body that we can afford to rest right now, and you know you're talking about some youth at the other safety position; so there was opportunity to let some of those guys get an opportunity for reps and save a body. Kinda like we've been taking care of Deonte Jackson's body at running back a little bit; nothing that I think we need to be concerned about. If we were playing a ball game today he'd been able to play. I think it was a smart time to rest him, and then you know we're getting Deonte starting to get some reps coming back in there too; so it was good to see him running with the ball today. It's that time of camp where you're deep into it, and you've got some guys leaving and some guys coming back in, just knock on wood they're all going to be coming back. That's the important thing."

About the true freshmen, who will play and who may redshirt: "Well, at this point in time I'm still looking for every opportunity to play those true freshmen, and you're seeing them get opportunities out here. I'm seeing them show up, and I keep telling my coaches, "I don't want to hear ‘redshirt.' I want to see … let's find out how we can play we'll go from there. I think it's a pretty safe bet to say that Ron Mallory, our offensive lineman was going to be a redshirt candidate - you know the way the depth of that offensive line is going. But right now I'm looking for every reason to play those kids, and we'll deal with it. We've still got the remainder of this week, and as we get into next week's travel squad, we'll make some decisions. We've kinda got the travel squad outlined as it is, and there's some guys that might even be able to be red alert travel guys, too.

About preparing for Arizona: "Friday is going to be our final two-a-day of camp, and that'll be closing things out; so between now and Friday morning we need to get the remaining situations addressed and put some time on those. We've hit the two-minute offense, the four-minute offense and defense, each of those scenarios…the overtime. All those situations created making sure we've got everything in the insertion on offense, defense and special teams; get those things taken care of by Friday morning practice so that Friday evening we can come in here with an introduction to Arizona. Saturday's going to be … Saturday's that necessary evil day. We have the team picture and then we'll have the mock game that's just kinda your dress rehearsal. We'll get a little thud work out of that, but that's making sure everybody knows where they're going. Our minds are shifting really on Friday and getting focused on the first ball game."

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