Coming off productive spring and fall training camps, with team depth improved and a solid recruiting class in the fold (many of whom played tonight) and sporting brand new uniforms, the Vandals went to Tucson Saturday and were steamrolled in every facet of the game to the tune of 70-0 by the Wildcats. Inside are post-game comments by Captains Adam Korby and Shiloh Keo, and head coach Robb Akey.

Shiloh Keo, Defensive Captain
Strong Safety, Junior

Q: Well Shiloh, what are your thoughts?

SK: "Nothing good right now. We've got a lot to learn from this game. We didn't come out and do what we expected we wanted, we expected to do. Defense has a lot of work to do. I feel that we didn't play our best at all, also the offense and special teams. For all the work that we put in, we didn't come out and show it. I don't know if it was our attitude going into the game, what it was, but we played a great team today. They really came out and did what they wanted to do. I commend them on their efforts and how they played against us. They had us read to perfection I guess. We're going to look at this film tomorrow, come out and have a great week next week. Gotta run around a lot."

Q: What do you guys say after this? Do you just try to forget this now?

SK: "We've got to. In this sport you've got to have a short memory, especially as a defensive player too. Big plays happen, bad things happen against yourself. You've got to be able to forget that and move on. I think in the first half that was something we struggled with. A lot of heads were down, a lot of yelling was going on. There might be some good to take out of this, but we're going to have to go in and study that film and see what mistakes we did and we've got to correct it. We've got a week to prepare for Idaho State; so expect to see a different team out there next weekend."

Adam Korby, Offensive Captain
Center, Senior

Q: A couple of thoughts on the game overall.

AK: "You know, it definitely was everything we could have not done. Everything went wrong. Arizona came out here, they played a really good game, but we shot ourself in the foot and you guys saw that."

Q: Was there anything Arizona did that you guys weren't exactly expecting like a new game plan?

AK: "You know, we respected them. They were just consistent and we weren't."

Q: What's the mood among the guys right now, Adam?

AK: "Definitely we're down, but we've just got to go back to the drawing board. You've got to fix some things, and we've got to come out full speed next week; so that's the only thing we can do."

LARRY JOHNSON: What did the coach tell you after the game?

AK: "He just said "Keep your heads high." We've got to keep on going. We've just got to show the team that we are. We've been practicing the last couple of weeks. We didn't come out and we didn't play the game we wanted to play."

Q: During the delay, what did you guys do?

AK: "You know, we were calm. We were sitting there. We were just talking to each other. We just remained calm and trying to stay pumped up. I don't think the rain delay did anything."


Q: Well Robb, what are your thoughts on that?

RA: "My thoughts are that that was a very, very, very poor performance and I'm very disappointed that that was the way that we played tonight. I've been telling you, and you guys have been seeing, we've been doing things well in practice, but we obviously didn't tonight. We've got to take it from the practice field and put it out on the game field, and that's our job to get things cleaned up at this point in time. There was nothing that we did well in any of the three phases of the game, and obviously the scoreboard reflected that."

Q: Did you sense it coming at all?

RA: "No. I liked the way that we were prepared, the way we came out here. I really felt like we were ready to play. We didn't tackle well on defense. We didn't play with good leverage. We didn't fit things the way we needed to, and things magnified just on that side of the field. On the offensive side we had opportunities early in the ball game – catches that would be first downs, things like that that we didn't make. Execution. Execution was what we didn't do, and then things got magnified. You get to the point later in the ball game where you get a ball delivered to the guys, plops off his hands and there's an interception, or an interception for a touchdown, or a short field for the defense. Special teams, I mean, if one play signified the whole damn night it was the muffed punt. There's an opportunity for a great play, a short field; you saw what happened. We'll get this football team better."

Q: What do you tell your team after this loss?

RA: "I tell them that we're going to bring back the team that's been practicing, the team that we've been building, and we need to learn from what took place out here tonight. We need to get this thing cleaned up and we need to play -- we need to play like the team that's been practicing. We need to execute. We need to make things happen, and we need to do things the right way. I don't care how old or young anybody is. We've played better football than this, and that's what we're going to do. We're bringing our tails back to work. It's gonna hurt like hell all the way home, and then it's gonna be history and we're gonna move forward, but we're gonna learn from it. We're gonna make this team be what it can."

LJ: Any injuries tonight?

RA: "Yes. Novikoff didn't finish the game; Lavarias did not finish the game; Bjorvick got a hamstring in warm ups and didn't play the game. Those are the main ones."

LJ: What happened to Novikoff? Do you know?

RA: "Shoulder."

LJ: And Lavarias?

RA: "Lavarias was a shoulder as well."

Q: What did you guys do during the lightening delay?

RA: "Well, we took ‘em back into the locker room obviously, and it's a confined area, but it was fine. The spirits were good. We got the shoulder pads off 'em because we were in there for a long period of time. We kept ‘em stretching, kept ‘em warm, kept their minds focused on what was gonna happen with the ball game. That's the reason we took the pads off of ‘em so they could breathe, they could get themselves ready to roll. When we finally got things ready we came out and we got ourselves warmed up like we do when we go to work everyday. Unfortunately we didn't play well."

Q: Robb, how do you keep this one from being one that lingers in their minds a little bit?

RA: "Well, it's gotta hurt BAD right now, and that's gonna be a long, silent flight back to Moscow, and it's gonna be a long night for everybody. It needs to hurt, because it's personal. Then when we come back to work -- tomorrow or Monday, depending on when we get back home –when we come back to work we're gonna take a look at the things that need to be fixed from this and make sure that everybody understands that we're on solid ground, and then that's where it ends and the new week begins. That's the season of football. No different than the playing. If a guy has a bad play he can't reflect on that on the next play. He's got to put…we can't change the past, but we can affect right now, and that's the way that we need to play. That's what some of us need to learn right now, and that's our job as coaches – to help make that happen."

LJ: How would you rate the play of Ashley and Enderle?

RA: "Nobody played well tonight. That's how I would rate that."

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