PLAYER QUOTES: Mo Shaw and Adam Korby

Following Idaho's 42-27 home opening victory over Idaho State, Idaho wide receiver MAURICE SHAW and Offensive Team Captain Adam Korby (four-year starter at center) talked to the media. Questions focused on Mo's 77-yard touchdown reception on the first play of the game that electrified the Idaho crowd and Vandal football team.

MAURICE "Mo" SHAW, 6-3, 192, Sophomore
Wide Receiver

About the 77-yard touchdown strike on the first play of the game: "Coach was telling us that's the play we were going to run the first play of the game; so I had a couple of dreams about it. [laughter by the press corps] I visualized it a couple times - really more than a couple - but every time I visualized it, it came out to that reality; so it was pretty exciting."

About having a sense the play would work like it did: "Yeah. The way the offense had been producing at practice for the upcoming game, the way the line had been blocking, the quarterback's been throwing…yeah. I had a lot of confidence in the offense for that play to work."

Did the cornerback or safety bite on something you did or did you just beat him to the spot: "I got help from the play-action. The safety came up and he bit a little bit, and then he went back, I guess, when he found out the play. But by the time that happened, it was a little bit too late."

About that play getting the offense rolling: "Well, I believe that we were prepared. We were prepared for this game. I guess it was just a "get-off" play, not really a booster, but just a start-off play I guess for the game."

About how that play boosted Nathan Enderle's confidence during the game: "I believe that me and Nathan have a good relationship, and I believe that his confidence in the receivers and me is pretty strong and tight; we really didn't have too many completions last game, but I think that helped a little bit."

About teammate Eddie Williams telling reporters that Maurice Shaw has the best hands on the team: "Uh, you know, that's a compliment, I'll take it. But I believe that a lot of players have pretty good hands on the team."

About Nathan Enderle attempting just one pass in the second half of the game: "Our game plan in the second half was to pound the ball, and the way the line's been blocking the first half, the coach had confidence in us for them to continue to block and our running backs to continue to run; so that wasn't really a big transition or problem. It was kind of just a, you know, in the game kind of thing.

Team Captain Adam Korby leading Idaho to the endzone
ADAM KORBY, 6-2, 296, Senior
Center, Offensive Team Captain

About getting the win: "You know, it feels good. When you see everybody smiling on the sideline it's kinda nice that to bring that film back. We're just going to have to build off this. We know how it feels to win, and you've got to build off of it."

About the importance of the first play: "It's always nice to come out and get the ball rolling and score a touchdown. You could just see that energetic level just shot right up when everybody, when we scored. It's just that much energy running through the offense and the defense. It gets everybody going."

Was the first play a planned play: "We knew they were going to try to stop the run right off the bat; so we came out, we were going to take a shot with that play-action down field and it worked out for us. It sucked that safety up, and it went right over his head."

About the running game in the second quarter: "It definitely picked up. We found a little groove going there, we kinda got used to it. I feel as though they got a little tired in the second half; so we just pounded the ball a little and ran the ball pretty well today."

About the difference in defensive lines between Arizona and Idaho State: "It's a Pac-10 team. You know they're going to be better, but we just went out and we shot ourselves in the foot. We didn't play up to our potential. I don't think it mattered who was out there [today]. We were going to play, and we were going to play our butts off, and that's what happened."

About building off this victory: "There's always stuff to build off of. It's nice to get a win, actually, but everybody's mentality is just that much better going into that week of practice when you have a win. It bonds you closer. Like I said, you've just got to get that first win out of your system and just keep playing from there."

About having his whole family in the stands: [Adam laughs] "Uh, it's nice. You know, my family's my number one supporters. It's always nice to look up there and see my family smiling back at me. It's a nice one-time thing. You can't explain it."

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