POST GAME: Coach Akey on Saturday's loss

Despite going into halftime with the game knotted 7-7 between the Vandals and Aggies during an up-and-down first half, and then marching the length of the field to open the third quarter on a methodical drive for a touchdown and 14-7 third quarter lead, the Vandals collapsed in the second half and dropped the Western Athletic Conference season opener against Utah State 42-17 in Logan, Utah.

Regarding his reaction to Idaho's performance against Utah State in Logan on Saturday afternoon: "This football team has got to play better than it did [today]. We had every opportunity in the world. Started out the second half well again. We've got to play better at that point in time. This defense has got to stop people. We've got to fit the run better, we've got to handle the option things better. We didn't do that today, and that caused some problems for our offense. Our offense is moving the ball pretty well for a time, but the fact of the matter is we've got to play better football than this, and that's what we're going to work on tomorrow. We'll get on the video, we'll get corrections made, and we will correct it and we will start playing football better."

About the defensive struggles what is going to be done to make that unit better: "It's very simple. You tackle the guy that has the football, and you make sure you've got people in leverage positions where they belong. It doesn't matter if somebody's not in there - someone you're accustomed to having in there [referencing defensive captain Shiloh Keo missing the entire second half]. Eleven guys are on the field, and so therefore you better be where you belong, and be physical, and get your tail downhill to the football. It's as simple that. Get the running game fitted up. That's how we fix it."

About getting back to work next week: "That's right. Next week will be a better week. That's the only thing we can do, and we will do."

About injuries sustained in the game: "Maurice Shaw was hurt, and was not able to finish the game. Shiloh Keo got hurt early, and was not able to finish the game. Off the top of my head those are the ones."

About whether or not Nathan Enderle will play next week, under speculation that he'd been injured near the end of the game: "Absolutely. Nate Enderle doesn't have to tackle the guy with the football."

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