Despite Saturday's 49-14 loss to Nevada, Idaho continues to make progress. "We're teaching them how to fight, how to win, how to compete. We're teaching them how to do a lot of things. These players, I think, are playing hard. I do believe I saw that out there today. Hard and effective need to come together though, and we need to get effective to bounce itself in there more often."

Coach Akey's comments on the loss to Nevada: "It wasn't the outcome that I went into it looking for. We had plenty of opportunities to have done some things to help ourselves out today. There are plays that we left out there, plays that we did not make. That's the thing… it's not disappointing to me, it's not frustrating to me. It's driving me crazy is what I'm gonna tell you, okay? I think sometimes you say the word "frustrating," you say "disappointment," that means that people think you're losing hope and I'm not. I firmly believe in where we're going and the way we're doing things. There's absolutely no question in my mind. It's driving my tail crazy that we can have guys - we have plays that could be made that we didn't - players that have made those plays, and that's part of the learning curve. That's the "driving you crazy" part right now, and it happened to us in each of the phases of the game tonight. That's driving me crazy. I believe where we're going, and we'll get it through the hump. The other thing I'm gonna tell you is that that is a good outfit that we just faced out there today."

Regarding some early misses – the blocked field goal then the fourth down on the second drive – whether they were close misses: "Well, as I look at evaluating it right now I would say: Yeah, those are some things. At that point in time: no. I don't like the fact that we didn't protect the kick well enough. We get the dang thing blocked. I don't like the fact that we didn't get the fourth down, but it was an aggressive maneuver, and we were going at it, and there was still a lot of field that they had to be able to contend with. I want these players to see that we're gonna be competitive, we're gonna put them in competitive situations. If I'm gonna ask them to compete, I'm asking them to play hard, I'm asking them to keep doing it. Then, I'm gonna make sure that we show them: Hey, we're gonna go do that too. That's why the onside kick team was out there. That's why we were doing things that we were doing - to try to provide other opportunities and try to teach guys. We're teaching them how to fight, how to win, how to compete. We're teaching them how to do a lot of things. These players I think are playing hard. I do believe I saw that out there today. Hard and effective need to come together, though, and we need to get effective to bounce itself in there more often. There's no question about that. I can point at those things. I can point at a couple of plays on defense. I can point at a couple of plays that I thought were big, big, big play opportunities on offense that got left out there - could have been touchdowns… very big gains if the ball was there."

On the Nevada defense picking on Isaac Butts and the personal fouls called on him during the game: "Isaac needs to play more effectively, and if I play corner then I've got to play within my technique and I've got to get after it. Corners are on an island at some points in time. Corners can help themselves out with technique. Isaac has been a pretty consistent player for us, and he has been a guy coming into this that was playing the most effectively, particularly as we went through building this team and getting to where we needed to be. I'm not gonna give up on Isaac Butts. Am I upset about the fact that we have a drive stopped and they hit him with a penalty for coming in there late? Sure I'm upset about that. Now I didn't see it happen. I'm gonna have to look at it on the tape and find out how upset I need to be with him or not. I'll reserve that judgment until I have the right answer. Every one of these guys, I'm not gonna lose faith on that."

Regarding Kama Bailey's kickoff and the return team's performance against Nevada: "Well, the kickoff return team was somewhat of a good thing that you saw today. I saw positive things happen there. Kama Bailey has done a nice job of hitting things more the way we needed to be. Those players on that team have done a much better job in regards to getting their blocks placed. There were some big hits and some great blocks made on that. They put him in a good situation. He did a nice job of taking advantage of that situation, too, making it work. You can have all the blocks in the world. But, if you don't have a guy hit it the right way, it doesn't really matter, and he fixed that and those guys fixed their portion in regards to getting the blocks. I was happy about that. That was a bright spot for this day, especially if you back to…you go back to what it was two weeks ago. I was sitting here and I told that was a grave disappointment the way that that particular team played. Well, that got fixed. I like Kama's future."

On whether Deonte Jackson's somersault for a touchdown was good or not: "Well, the view I saw on the big screen it was hard to tell. Did it look like it? Yeah. I think a lot is in the eye of the beholder there. I've gotta trust those guys, and I do trust those people standing there on the line, and they saw the right thing and they called it that way. I know they looked at it. I can't say anything about that. Yeah. Was I hopeful that that would have been overturned and that's a touchdown? Absolutely. I thought it was a great effort by him…but it didn't happen. That's an opportunity now we take the field on the inch line, let's go score on defense."

If Paul Senescall is okay: "To my knowledge. He's been banged up a little bit. I really don't have an injury report at this point in time. I don't know how bad he is. His body's a little bit banged up right now. He's been fighting a few things. I know that JoJo's (Dickson) shoulder got dinged, and JJ – Jeromy Jones – had gotten hurt and was able to come back into the game. Those are the ones that are on top of my head right now."

Did Faraimo even dress today: "Faraimo, no he didn't. He's got a back that kept him from being able to play."

On what happened to JoJo Dickson: "That's what I just said – his shoulder – they got him knocked out and he wasn't able to come back. He and JJ – Jeromy ‘Jones – both disappeared about the same time. JJ had a back and JoJo got that shoulder hit again. JJ was able to come back whereas JoJo Dickson was not. That's the shoulder he's been working with. We'll do everything we can to try to get his tail back ready for next week."

If Corey White's knee would have allowed him to play against Nevada: "Wasn't ready to go. Nope. It wasn't ready to go. We were doing a lot of conditioning work with him during the course of the week. Early in the week I'd hoped that it was gonna be…at that point in time we thought maybe a game time decision. As the week went on it didn't respond well enough so we did not dress him today."

Regarding the performance of the Vandal defense against Nevada's pistol offense: "Yeah they did. They got more yards than I wanted to see. What I didn't like… I don't like the fact that we didn't consistently pick the running game up the way that we needed to. Going into the game one thing I didn't want to see was #10 running with the ball in his hands, and we were able to do a little bit of something about that. But, then you've got to take care of what you go invite also, and there were some times we made some very good plays. But, there were some times we didn't get refitted to where we needed to be to handle that. It's the inside zone play and the stretch play that hurt us the most throughout the course of the game. If we could gain some confidence going where we run with our fits… you see Tre'Shawn Robinson come downhill on that outside zone play and he comes up with a great tackle for a loss. But, that's gotta be a consistent factor on our behalf. The things that they do in regards to… It's difficult when it's the option. It's not difficult. You've gotta be sound in your option responsibilities. Therefore, if you're gonna make sure that you're handling each of the opportunities, the responsibilities, the other cats need to get themselves fitted back into where they need to. Some was a misfit. Some a guy that got his tail blocked. There were some of our guys that got themselves blocked today."

Of all those things, were the guys in charge of the quarterback where they needed to be: "Most of the time."

On Idaho's defense reading the Nevada quarterback properly: "There were a couple of the runs that he got we had to opportunity and the call made - that would have taken him out - would have eliminated his ability to be able to run the ball, and we missed on a couple of those. They stayed after it and we both stayed after it and they made more plays in that respect than what we did."

ROBB AKEY: "Keep believing in us, fellas. I do!"

ROB SPEAR [Idaho Athletics Director]: "And I believe in this guy."

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