PLAYER POST-GAME: Williams and Enderle

Saturday's loss summarized the season so far for Idaho; inconsistency. Said NATHAN ENDERLE, "We could move the ball, but we couldn't keep drives going as well as we needed to do to put points on the board." Said Eddie Williams, "There were times where we showed flashes where we can move the ball, and that's where we're at. We have to break through that barrier...We're right on the brink."

Nathan Enderle, 6-5, 223, Sophomore

About the frustration of going into the down 21-0, when it could have been much closer (i.e. missed a scoring TD opportunity, blocked field goal, and gave up a TD on a dropped punt snap):
"Well, it's really frustrating. We thought we were doing some things. We could move the ball, but we obviouslt didn't finish on that drive and we couldn't keep drives going as well as we needed to do to put points on the board."

Did coming away without any points on the first two drives wear on the offense: "I don't think it starts to wear. It's definitely frustrating, because you know you're right there. You're right on the edge of having something good happen, and then to just not quite get it, it's definitely frustrating, but I think we kept plugging along and we kept working as hard as we could. It just didn't happen today."

On whether the offense should get the ball to Eddie more in the first half of these games (had a career day Saturday, but just three catches in the first half): "Well, I mean you're always trying to get him involved, and sometimes it just doesn't go that way. Sometimes the defense they call is just not suited to get him the ball. When they start calling different defenses, it obviously shows and he catches the rock more."

About whether defenses are game planning against Eddie in the first half: "I think he's definitely a very good player for us; so they have to be aware of him, or else it's not a very great defensive plan. Obviously he gives them trouble scheming him because he's so big, but he's so athletic; so I definitely think defenses focus on him because he's a great player for us."

About whether he had seen Eddie make a catch like that first TD reception before: "Yeah. He makes catches. He has great hands for his size, great athleticism. It really does help when you can put a ball out there where no one else can get it knowing he'll come down with it. I mean, it's great to have that."

Eddie Williams, 6-2, 240, Senior
H-Back / Tightend

About the performance of the offense, having numerous opportunities to score but coming up empty much of the game:
"Well, we got it going at the wrong time. Sometimes we just happen to get our offense rolling at the end of the game, and that's not acceptable. If we're gonna want to win football games, we've got to be able to get it going from start to finish. That's just that. There's no other way around it. I mean, you can't sugar coat it at all. You've just got to play better."

About the impressive first touchdown catch he had on the day: "I got man coverage and they had a ‘backer over me, and they had a safety over top - a zone safety. It seemed like that kinda seemed to be the case all game. They had a safety over the top of me along with a manned-up linebacker. I was able to get past the first guy and I stemmed the safety at the right time, broke it off, and Nate threw a perfect ball. The best ball he's ever thrown to me. Nice catch, but if that ball wasn't there, I wouldn't have made that catch."

On whether having a great statistical game is any consolation for a loss: "You know, I don't realize how many catches or how many yards I'm getting, or how many touchdowns. It just kinda comes with the game, just trying to battle and win. I just go out there every time and I'm trying to help our team win. I've said it before. If I can catch zero and get a "W" I'd much rather have that."

On the frustration of not being able convert on key fourth downs (one for a touchdown at the one yard line, the other a fourth down to keep a drive alive): "That was really frustrating. Offensive line, tight ends and H backs included – that includes myself – and the running backs. We need to be able to get a yard. Really like I said there's no way to sugar coat it. We have to play better on offense. We didn't play good. There were times where we showed flashes where we can move the ball, and that's where we're at. We have to break through that barrier if we're gonna be any good this year. We do. We're right on the brink. You can't really debate that. It's clear. We're right on the brink. We may show flashes and then we just can't finish. I mean, we have to be able to do it consistently to be good."

What the team should do, in your opinion: "In my opinion, I think at times we have the offense playing great or we'll have the defense playing great or the special teams playing okay, then the other two-thirds of the ball aren't playing well. You saw Kama Bailey running, making great plays on the kickoff return, then the offense comes and goes three and out. We can't do that. If we can just put all three [together] - three and out from the defense, a good punt return from special teams, and then a touchdown with the offense - if we can get that in a row, you're gonna see us win a game. But we haven't done that yet."

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