PLAYER POST-GAME: Allen and Faraimo

A pair of linebackers finished among Idaho's top five tacklers in Saturday afternoon's Homecoming game against New Mexico State. Sophomore SAM JUSTIN ALLEN finished fourth, and sophomore middle linebacker Jonathan Faraimo finished fifth. Between them they had 15 total tackles, two tackles for loss, one forced fumble, one recovered fumble, and an interception in the 20-14 Idaho victory.

Justin Allen, 5-11, 214, Sophomore
Outside linebacker

About getting an Idaho win:
Justin Allen: "It feels good to get that first WAC victory. We were working so hard for it and it finally came around for us."

About what made the defense work so well Saturday against NMSU:
JA: "We were really sound today, and we knew where we were going at all times. We kept it a little simple. We had a couple of things in our back pocket that we didn't use today. We kept it real simple and everyone knew where to go, and we were just flying around."

About the message from the staff at halftime:
JA: "Pretty much halftime talk was just telling us we were doing a good thing. I think we held ‘em to 100-some yards in the first half, we were doing our part and just needed to make things happen."

About the interception:
JA: "It was good to get that pick. Coach told me I could have run it back. That was too bad. I just fell over. I was just surprised that I got the pick."

About the fumble recovery:
JA: "We were actually blitzing up the middle and I actually didn't even go in the right hole, but I just saw the ball come loose and ran right towards it and scooped it up. Right place at the right time I guess."

About being on the field so much in the second half with the offensive struggles:
JA: "We took the field trying to get our own turnovers. That was our goal all day, to get turnovers. We thought coming into the game that we knew where they were running based on their alignments and formations, and we were gonna take advantage of that and fly around.

About the students swarming the field after the game:
JA: [laughing] It's humorous, but it's fun. They haven't had a good victory here in a while. I thought it was great. They were excited and it was good to get some excitement back in the dome."

About the rest the offense provided for most of the game with a steady rushing attack instead of 3-and-outs:
JA: "Yeah. It was nice to get a break every once in a while, and the offense kept churning away, getting yards on the ground, and kept the clock rolling and made it a little bit easier on the defense."

Jonathan Faraimo, 5-10.5, 245, Sophomore
Inside linebacker

About the defense playing well Saturday:
JF: "One of our best games we've played so far. Everybody was on the same page; so that was a plus, and they couldn't stop our D line. I love playing behind that D line. They're very smart, same with our secondary. Linebacker-wise, Justin – you guys know Justin Allen – he had a pick today, fumble recovery and a lotta tackles. I'm happy I'm playing next to him."

About what the defense was saying among themselves when NMSU had a couple deep drives late in the game:
JF: "What was going on? Too many games we had where we would get driven on and they would score. We told each other, ‘This is it. We can't let them in our end zone. If we just stop them we'll win this game.' We had that stored in our minds, and that was pretty good."

About the last drive with the defense playing loose rather than tensed up, given the circumstances (game on the line against one of the best passing attacks in the country):
JF: "Yeah. Everyone was loose. I mean, we were pumped up but we had to stay focused. Usually when you're too intense you lose focus and you forget what man you have, and tend to make a lot of mistakes. Coach Akey, that's one thing - before game days he tries to get us loose and relaxed so we can stay focused."

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