PLAYER POST-GAME: Korby and Patten

These are the last of the quotes from last weekend's player post-game following Idaho's Homecoming victory over New Mexico State. Grayshirt freshman cornerback KENNETH PATTEN talks about the Vandal defense had a great week of practice leading up to the game, creditting defensive coordinator Mark Criner with a solid game plan. Captain Adam Korby talks about the running game and team development.

Kenneth Patten, 5-8, 190, Grayshirt Freshman

About Idaho's defensive performance against New Mexico State last week:
KP: "The defense was awesome today. All week… we've just been communicating so well. This week we had a good game plan from our D coordinator [Mark Criner]. He really got these guys playing. I say this was the best week of practice we had all season."

About the magnitude of the defense's turnaround last weekend after struggling earlier in the season:
KP: "I think the biggest thing right now… all season… we were always in the game. I don't think it was a game to where anybody was just so good to where we couldn't handle it. I think we all just played together this game. We had a lot of excitement; a lot of preparation went into it. The team just jelled, and that was our biggest thing all season. We weren't playing as one. We were playing as individuals, and I say tonight we played as one, swarming to the ball, everything."

About how many defensive backs were ready to go in the NMSU game:
KP: "Maybe five. We had… as you guys know we had Shiloh Keo out. We had our other starting safety JJ Jones out. We had a corner that was down, Eric Hunter. So, all week we've just been trying to stay healthy because we know that if one goes down there's not too many backups or too many people we can go back to."

Adam Korby, 6-2, 292, Senior
Center / Team Captain

About getting the win:
AK: "Definitely feels good. It's been a while, huh? Definitely, you know, a new thing. Get a win streak going. It just feels good. It's hard to explain."

About what was making the running game work so well against the Aggies:
AK: "Definitely they weren't very good at stopping the run. So, we knew coming into this game we had to run the ball to win. The main thing we got the run started early. We just kept with it, and that led us to victory today."

About the performance of the defense Saturday afternoon:
AK: "Definitely. Defense played their butts off today. Kinda went through a nail biter at the end, but they played the best game of their season, and we won because of them. They played their butts off."

About the performance of Princetonn McCarty:
AK: "Definitely. We always knew he was a big back and he's always in there for a big play. He's good open field. That's what he's good at. When you get him untouched in the open field you know he's gonna make plays for us. He exploited ‘em, and he did an awesome job today."

About the celebration at the end of the game with all of the students:
AK: "Definitely felt good. It was the first time that students came down and celebrated with us. It definitely felt good."

Remember that ever happening before during your time at Idaho?
AK: "Not since I've been here. It feels good."

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