PLAYER POST-GAME: Vandals discuss SJSU game

Saturday afternoon's loss to San Jose State by a final score of 30-24 was a much closer game than most expected for a Spartan team battling for a bowl berth and a Vandal team continuing to rebuild in the second year of the Robb Akey era. Sophomore linebacker Jonathan Faraimo was joined by Nathan Enderle, Lee Smith, and Eddie Williams in the post-game press conference to discuss the game.

Q: Well guys, it seems like it's better than earlier in the season. I don't know; what are your thoughts on this game?
Nathan Enderle: "Well, we still didn't win, and that's really all we're caring about right now. Yeah, I thought we played a better game, saw some good things on both sides of the ball, but we really wanted to get it done today."

Eddie Williams: "He really said it all. Our main objective is to win the game whether we're getting better or not. We come out to win no matter the opponent; so we didn't accomplish our goal. So it hurts a lot. Yeah, we're getting a little bit better, but the main objective is to get wins. We're not doing that, and we've got to get back to the drawing board next week."

Q: Jonathan, how about the defense compared to last week I suppose…
Jonathan Faraimo: "The defense, I thought we did pretty good. There were a couple of times that we had a lot of missed tackles this game, but it's not as (bad) as how it was during the beginning of the season; so we've made a lot of progress. We fought. We fought hard. Obviously we didn't win. I guess we didn't fight hard enough."

Q: After a few days, will you guys be able to be encouraged by the fact that now it's kinda two that you've put together where you've been very competitive in both?
EW: "You know, we'll be encouraged when we win games. Right now, it's… we're playing a lot better, but like I said our main objective is to win. We'll be encouraged as soon as we get W's. We're 1-1 in our four-game season and we're gonna go ahead and try to put up another win in a couple of weeks and then we'll be satisfied. When we get those next two wins we'll be satisfied."

Q: Eddie, can you discuss the fake field goal there? It looked like the ball was just a little bit out of your grasp there. Did you trip?
EW: "I felt like the guy was on me a little bit, but that's no excuse. I gotta get down the field faster or something. It was a little bit out of my reach. We've been working it for the last couple of weeks, and it's worked pretty successfully every time we've run it. Sometimes when they've got a little pressure to you…T.J. Conley got a little pressure on him, and it's just a hair away. Hopefully we can get that going some other time and get it picked up."

Q: Offensive guys, you kinda opened up the play book with a lot of kinda gadgety stuff. Did you like that approach heading into this one?
NE: "Yeah. Our game plan the last couple of games is to attack and not be conservative in our playbook, and we're gonna go out there and do whatever we think is gonna work to score touchdowns. If it's a trick play, if it's run the ball 60 times we're gonna do that as long as we feel it puts us in the best position to win."

Q: Nate, once again you're kinda taking off and running a few times. That's just if stuff's covered then you take off? I mean, not a lot of that is by design?
NE: "They're a good pass rushing team… and to help the guys up front out sometimes you can't go through all your reads. You've gotta just take it and run. That was kinda my plan going into to it. If the first couple of guys are covered just take it."

Q: Lee, how about the touchdown catch. Can you tell us about that?
Lee Smith: "It was just man-to-man, and I knew their corners were real good. They've been hyped up pretty much. It was just a fade ball. I got a good release and Nate put it perfectly on me. I was able to just jump up and grab it and then hit the ground pretty hard, but it's all right. That was definitely a good throw by him, good protection, good everything. It was a good feeling to get a big touchdown. Definitely. It was a good start for us."

Q: Did you…when you got it did you think it should have been a touchdown right away or were you not sure?
LS: "I didn't know. I thought it was a touchdown for sure, but I was so… because I landed right on my tailbone; so I was like: Ugh Because I caught it and then I knew like the ground couldn't cause it. So, I caught it and then I hit back and then I kinda rolled out like after I'd already been on the ground. I knew it was a touchdown, and then I was just waiting for them to reverse it. I figured it was, and everybody saw the replay and said it was."

Q: Are you okay right now?
LS: "Yeah. I'll be fine. It's just a bruise. Bruised tailbone. I'm like, whatever. I don't know. I'm not into that stuff (laughter). It's just bruised. It'll be fine in a week. It's all right."

Q: How about that first drive? That must have… you guys must have really felt like you had something rolling after first drive, right?
NE: "Yeah. They had a good defense, and we tried to go into it attacking them and not being worried about what they were gonna do, and we played our game and ran the ball well. Had two big pass plays and touchdowns. That's really how you want to open things up. Balanced attack, come out and score a touchdown."

Q: At the end of the first half when you lost the ball: Did that have any sort of lingering effect where they get the field goal at the very end?
EW: "Well, the lingering effect's on the scoreboard, you know? Three points is a pretty good lingering effect. It ended up hurting us later on because you play games differently depending on the score. It obviously hurt us. Giving ‘em points is bad; so we didn't like that."

Q: Well, you've got Boise State coming up next obviously. The way you played the last couple of weeks, does that give you a little more confidence going into the next two weeks getting ready for them?
EW: "Absolutely. I mean, we played really well last week and we didn't play as (well) as we played last week today, but we made strides. Boise State's obviously a great team, and we're gonna have to play over and above our best football to compete and win that game, and we plan it. The bye week's gonna help us out. We're gonna rest our bodies a little bit and come back and get ready to win. I think we can do it. I wouldn't expect any other team to play a game and not expect to win. We expect to win the game. They expect to win the game. We expect to win every game we play. That's just it."

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