COACHES CORNER: Robb Akey discusses SJSU

"The first thing I'm gonna say; I think San Jose is a very good football team. I thought they did a great job today. At the same time I'm gonna tell you that I'm disappointed in the outcome of this game. I felt like while they did take advantage of their opportunities, we created some of those opportunities. We had opportunities to give ourselves a chance to win this game."

Q: What are your general thoughts on that one, coach?
RA: "At this point in time I'm disappointed. The first thing I'm gonna say; I think San Jose is a very good football team. I thought they did a great job today. I thought they played their tails off against us. At the same time I'm gonna tell you that I'm disappointed in the outcome of this game. I felt like while they did take advantage of their opportunities, I felt like we created some of those opportunities. I felt like we can look in the mirror on this one. We had opportunities to give ourselves a chance to win this game, but some of those miscues early we can't have."

"Where we played well on defense last week; it wasn't the case enough today. At critical times we weren't good enough in our pass coverage and third down conversions. I don't know what the numbers were, but I know they converted too many on us. That hurt us. That's my disappointment. I had really hoped we'd get something out of the end of the half there. Thank goodness that gentleman blew his whistle and it was only a field goal instead of a touchdown, but the last thing you ever think about is that you're gonna fumble a snap right there. We had every opportunity to come back from it, too. It was a 10-point game at halftime. That's a score and a half, and we got it down to a one-score game. We've been pretty good on those damn onside kicks and we didn't get that one covered and I was disappointed in that."

Q: At the end of the half there, were there much thought of just kneeling on the ball?
RA: "Oh, it crossed my mind, but I wanted to see if we go match something. When we had I think it was a false start penalty it crossed my mind again, but at the same time I have been talking to these players about: let's be aggressive and let's go after things. If we can take a shot and there are eight seconds, I wasn't concerned about something like that happening to us and what we were gonna do was try to get down the field. I wanted to try to get ourselves down the field to see if we could find a way to get some points out of it. We needed to make something up there. I made those calls with great confidence."

Q: Like you say you're disappointed now, but that is two in a row that are a lot better than you've seen earlier in the season.
RA: "Our football team is growing up, Matt (Baney), and in that respect I think things are getting better. Like I said, I do think San Jose is a very good football team, and for it to be a one-score game, then that means we did some things right, and I am disappointed that we put it in a situation where they had the lead that they had. I felt like we contributed to that as well. I don't want that to come out wrong either, because they did a hell of a job and they are a good football team. But, I also feel like, damn it there were some things that we could of done - that's the part that's driving me crazy today, because I really felt like there were some things that were there. We certainly worked hard to make some opportunities happen, and I thought we'd get a chance there with the fake field goal. That was a point in time where there was a half score involved in there; so the touchdown gives us a gain that we need. You always want to get points if you can, but I felt like we needed to try to make a little momentum there and it was a half score involved in that as opposed to being two full scores that helped me have a little confidence in doing that."

Q: A lot of trick plays today…
RA: "There were some things that were a little unorthodox, looking to try to make some things happen. I think that was a good football team that we played. We were working to come up with some opportunities. We created some opportunities and… we make those plays then we're all sitting here saying how wise those calls were and that was a damn good thing, boy. Our players… I'll say this: They're competing their tails off and that IS the case. They're playing hard the way that I expect them to. I'd like to have seen us make some more of those plays and get some of those drive stops. I can handle somebody making a play against us, but there were some things… the last touchdown, we've got a middle safety who's supposed to be in the deep third wherever that ball is thrown and he's jumping on a short crossing route. That's not acceptable. Those are the things I'm talking about, things like that where I say: We contributed to it a little bit. Now they certainly took what was there, but we opened up the damn door there. That was my disappointment, but that's why they call it "a game."

Q: After that one 13-yard punt of theirs, you ran down the sideline, you were squirting water on your guys?
RA: "They were hot, and I was gonna cool ‘em off. I didn't want ‘em to overheat… didn't want ‘em to overheat. I want to make sure that we keep energy out there and we keep some life going. I did it with our defensive guys when they had some good things going. I did it with our offensive guys after they had a big drive and a touchdown there. It was just something… I want to make sure we keep playing with a whole lot of energy and we play with enthusiasm. This IS a game. It's supposed to be fun. I wanna make sure that we're having fun. I think that's also another way of me being able to tell them, 'Hey, that's a good job. I like what you're doing. Keep it rolling and have a good time with it.' That was big. I mean, our punt block team working… I think they contributed a little bit to that guy shanking that punt somewhat, and it certainly put our offense in a good position there. There were some good things that were in there, but the outcome is what the important thing is."

Q: On that punt, Preston (Davis) didn't get a hand on it you don't think?
RA: "I don't believe so. I think it was shanked off. It was awful close, but it didn't look to me like a paw got on it."

Q: What's the plan for the bye week?
RA: "Well, what we're gonna do with the bye week is I want to make sure we get these bodies feeling good. So, the only reason they're gonna be in here tomorrow is to get treatment. They'll lift on Tuesday and Thursday. We're gonna get some school work done this week and get business taken care of that way. At the end of the week we're gonna practice Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning. That's where we'll get our football work done, and they'll be off again on Sunday and then we'll go into game week on Monday. Monday the following week will be Tuesday, and Tuesday will be Wednesday, and Wednesday and Thursday will be Thursday. I wanted to make sure… we played 10 consecutive ball games and that's hard. There are a number of starters who aren't playing any more. We've had surgeries. We had a guy who just got out of the hospital this weekend. I mean… there's been a number of those things… we need to get some bodies feeling good again. So, therefore, I want to make sure we do benefit from the bye week in that fashion. That's why we're gonna go about it that way. My coaches are gonna get some recruiting work done on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. I'm gonna roll down to Boise and seem some boosters and fans later in the week – that's either Wednesday or Thursday and get the whole nation fired up ready for that rival game."

Q: Are you gonna be on the road yourself much for recruiting or is it…
RA: "Not this week, no."

Q: What that Shiloh who was in the hospital?
RA: "No. Treshawn Robinson just finally got out of the hospital last night after his knee surgery."

Q: Back to the game – looking at the stat sheet it looks like a tie game to me, and if you don't look up at that score the stats are all pretty close.
RA: "I know. We need points for yards. It'd be a good life, wouldn't it (chuckles)."

Q: Six points. What made that six point difference?
RA: "For example… we gave up an opportunity there. The play I talked about where we could have a center fielder back there where he belonged. A mishandled snap and a field goal at the end of the half… there's three of those six points right there. Some of those little things… maybe us being able to finish a dang drive… awful close in there. Maybe it's coming up with that onside kick there at the end of the game. Certainly that's a little further stretch than what you want for it to be, but that gives us an opportunity that we can go and work to get that second score, and that second score with the extra point gives us a win."

Q: Are you glad to have that extra week to get ready for Boise State?
RA: "Yeah I am. Yeah I am. I like that fact that we can get our bodies feeling good again for that game. I like the preparation time that my coordinators are gonna be able to have. The only thing I don't like about is it comes after 10 consecutive ball games. I think that's hard on these young men's bodies."

Q: No Paul Senescall today? What was his…
RA: "No, he's got a hip that's been really, really hammering him. He wasn't able to go last week. He might have been able to be an emergency reserve today, and we've had done the same thing on special teams. I'm looking at… if the case… why aggravate that leg? Rather than aggravate it with warm ups and maybe one or three plays let's get it a full day of health. Then we get a full bye week in that second week so he can come back and be a factor for us in the remaining two ball games."

Q: And Joseph Dickson's shoulder still?
RA: "JoJo's Shoulder was not ready to go. I'm very, very hopeful that this bye week and the time prior to the Boise game will enable him to be able to play. That's our plan and that's our goal, but we'll have to see how that thing responds. It is still very painful at this point in time, and he could not have played today."

Q: Did it look like anybody else might be an issue after the game?
RA: I don't think so. Nothing that came across my ear piece that was keeping anybody out at this point in time. I think that we came out of today all right (knocking on the desk). Okay?

RA: "Hey, thanks y'all."

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