2-MINUTE DRILL: H-Back Eddie Williams

WHEN EVEN THE MOST CASUAL VANDAL FAN is asked to name a "leader" on the Idaho football team, the name that is almost universally the first mentioned is senior H-Back EDDIE WILLIAMS. He brings it everyday. It's not just that he gives everything on every play - creating HIS OWN breaks - but that he gets results. He leads the team in TDs and receiving yards, and is the heart of the Vandal offense.

PLAYER PROFILE: Eddie Williams, 6-2, 240, H-Back, Captain, Senior

LARRY JOHNSON: Your college career is getting down to the last couple games. How does it feel to get to the end of your career after all this time?
Eddie Williams: "It's something that you think will never come. You get in here as a freshman, it seems like you have just an unlimited amount of time. It's incredible. When I came here as a freshman I was just a young guy. I had a long time, looking around the Kibbie Dome thinking how long I'll play here, and now it's almost over… just a couple more games left. I'm gonna miss it. For these young guys, it's going by quick. It really does."

LJ: I've read a little bit about your background and it seems like there's a lot of really significant and positive accomplishments: coming to Idaho as a scholarship athlete, and now you're staring down the road towards graduation. How does that feel?
EW: "That's incredible for me. For me, I'll be the first one to graduate in my family, and to me that's a tremendous accomplishment, though obviously getting a scholarship to play football was amazing. But to get my degree and have the opportunity to make a living for myself, I take pride in that. That's really special to me."

LJ: What are you going to graduate in?
EW: "I'm a communication studies major. I'll be graduating in May."

LJ: Another thing is the prospect of potentially playing at the next level, and of course that's exciting and challenging. How do you feel about that?
EW: "Oh, it's exciting. Obviously a lot of people play football in college. The majority feel like the NFL is something they want to do. I love football no matter what level it's at, whether it's high school, college or at the professional level. That's something that I have definitely put some thought into. I won't be in shock, but at the same time I realize things don't work out very often in the NFL. But yes, absolutely, it's exciting and I'm definitely looking forward to the whole process after the season."

LJ: Do you think it's gonna be an emotional time for you when you play that last game in the dome? Do you think you're gonna get pretty emotional, or is it gonna be business as usual and you'll let all that happen later?
EW: "Maybe I'll get a little emotional that night or maybe the next day in the morning or something, but playing football is playing football. I love playing football. It'll be a little bit bittersweet to play that last game in the dome, especially against Boise State. It's gonna be business for me. I wanna win the game. I'm excited to play. I'll be thinking about the game right after the game is over. As far as getting emotional, I don't know. I know it's gonna come, because I love football, but probably not for a little bit, until a little bit after the game."

LJ: Two weeks ago, after the win against New Mexico State, all the students rushed the field. How did you feel about that?
EW: "That was pretty awesome to see that. I like to see the enthusiasm out of the fans. It's exciting to see that they're appreciating the effort that we're putting in. We gave ‘em a pretty solid game. We were able to get that win. Just to see the fans stick around and just take pride in it with us. That was something special. It's something I'll never forget."

LJ: How would you describe campus life to the next group of freshmen at Idaho?
EW: "Well, you know, it's a little bit different from high school. You have a lot more time on your hands, more than you would think at least at the beginning, especially your freshman year because you'll have class from 8 to 5 or 8 to 3 then have practice after. Usually you'll have like two or three classes a day at the most, sometimes four, sometimes one. You have a little bit of time in between so you can get your homework in there. It's a lot different because it's a lot more smooth, but at the same time it's a little bit more professional and you've gotta carry yourself like an adult. As far as extracurricular, yeah there's a lot to do out there. I mean, you have a small town but people take pride in the school out here in Moscow. You'll find some fun stuff to do. So yeah. It's a great experience. It really is."

LJ: How would you describe the campus atmosphere at Idaho? What it feels like when you're on campus and what the community feels like to you?
EW: "It's pretty cool, you know? It's such a small town, it kinda feels like you're a Vandal athlete and people know who you are. You're kinda walking around, people recognize you. You go into the supermarket and people realize who you are; so it's kind of…it's a little bit different than it is coming from a big city. People know who you are. You kinda got people's attention in a way, but you've gotta make sure you're doing the right thing. Keep yourself out of trouble because people know who you are. It's kinda fun at the same time. You make a lot of friends. It's a good time."

LJ: Well, I say congratulations on what's coming down the road for you and I wish you good luck and all the best. Thank you very much for your time.
EW: "Thank you very much. I appreciate it."

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