ROBB AKEY: LOI Day Transcript

Wednesday afternoon from the campus of the University of Idaho head coach ROBB AKEY introduced 20 new members of the Vandal football team. Inside we transcribed coach Akey's overview of the class and the first couple questions from the media.

RA: "Like always, this is one of the great days of the year. This is an extra Christmas for football coaches and football programs and for all those kids that get the opportunity to accomplish a dream come true with signing a scholarship today. I'm obviously very excited about the scenario we've got going. Right now we've got all but three of the paperwork in. It will end up being 25 new guys when you include the two that we grey shirted from last year, the defensive tackle Larry Dugan and our new kicker, Trey Farquhar who both grey shirted this fall.

One thing, we've greatly improved our team speed, and for that I'm very excited. I think we fixed some depth situations and got some more bodies in there of kids I think…obviously we feel very good about their ability right now. That's why we offered them scholarships and that's why they're coming here. It's the best recruiting class we've signed this year. We're fired up about that, but this group will include, in the grand scheme of things, five new linebackers, five new defensive backs (three at corner, two at safety), a defensive end, a defensive tackle, two tight ends, three offensive linemen, three wide receivers, and two quarterbacks and another young man that will be either a tight end or a defensive end who is a tremendous athlete.

This class is going to stretch from – right now it's stretching all the way from the Pacific Ocean and Hawai'i clear across the country to South Carolina, and that should extend a little bit further if we get a little more paper work in here and every where in between. I also feel like we've done a very good job in Vandal country with two of the best players from the state of Idaho coming to us – that's our very own Jared Heston from up at Lake City High School in Coeur d'Alane who's a tremendous linebacker, a tough, hard-nosed cat, a great family, a great competitor, a fantastic player I think, and Jeffrey Bediako out of Boise High School. Actually he's at Boise High School right now in the city of Boise, but he's from clear over in the Netherlands prior to coming to Boise in August. I think that's a good thing as well as the four guys that we've gotten out of the state of Washington; I consider that part of Vandal country also up here in the Great Northwest.

We've been able to stick with our philosophy of building our family from various places bringing guys from different spots. Areas that have been strong for us throughout our time here together are continuing to be. We're still represented all over the place – in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas as well as the Northwest. I'm excited about what this group brings to the table and I'll be very grateful when the final paperwork comes in and we can officially put it to work on the future.

Q: Coach, talk about the differences in this year's signing class as opposed to the previous two with you.

RA: Well, I think we found ourselves in maybe some different battles, and that works good and bad for you, but we won a number of very strong battles. What I like about this class of players is that they're guys that we wanted from the get-go and we went after ‘em. We had good pools of talent to go after in regards to guys. I think our coaching staff did a tremendous job of getting this class put together. We covered a lot of miles and a lot time in the past month getting this thing put together. I think the one thing that this class brings a little more of that the previous two didn't have quite of would be the speed that we're bringing to the field, and that has helped us a bunch.

Q: Coaches are always talking about how excited they are on National Letter of Intent Signing day; so on a scale of 1 to 10 how do you feel about this year's class?

RA: It's a 10. It can't not be, right? We'll all find out in two years how good this class really is by what those kids are doing out there on the field for us. I do feel that this is a real good group, and I like what it's done to help our football team. It's gonna help us get some things accomplished immediately as well as continue the building process that we've been working on for the last two years.

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