QUOTES: Mac Hopson & Trevor Morris

Idaho starting point guard MAC HOPSON and senior shooting guard Trevor "T-Mo" Morris met with the media following Idaho's 69-67 victory over Drake University in the first round of the CollegeInsider.com Tournament at Idaho's Memorial Gym. Morris led the Vandals with 16 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, and 1 steal. All-WAC point guard Hopson scored 10 points and dished nine assists on the night.

Mac Hopson and Trevor Morris, post-game quotes

Q: Trevor, I know I ask you a lot about your shooting, but I want to ask you about that rebound that you had right there at the end. Were you blocking out just trying to get the ball?

TM: "I don't know. Our game plan was to switch all screens and everything. He (Craig Stanley) came at Mac (Hopson) so I was on one side of him ready to switch it then he changed directions; so I was behind. He just blew the layup, and I was, like, ‘Well, someone's got to get the ball now' so I just went up to get it and luckily they fouled."

Q: Both of you guys – what's it like to still be playing? Mac?

MH: "It feels good. It feels good. I mean, this is huge for our program. It's a huge confidence booster for our team, individuals on our team, and like I said it's good for Vandal nation, too. Our fans and everything…I mean, they showed a lot of support today. We just appreciate them so much. We were trying to give back to them, trying to get these wins for our fans."

Q: When did you guys find out you were going to play this game?

MH: "I found out Sunday at about probably 10 o'clock at night and I had to drive back in the morning to come back here."

Q: "So you practiced Monday and Tuesday?

MH: "Yeah. We practiced Monday and Tuesday. Yup."

Q: You guys seemed to have a pretty good lead there with about three minutes to go then everything slowed down. Did that get you guys off your rhythm a little bit?

MH: "Yeah, a little bit. Obviously they did a little bit. We can't say it didn't. It did. They made a little run, but we withstood it and we got the ‘W.'"

Trevor "T-Mo" Morris
LARRY JOHNSON: What did you think of the crowd tonight?

TM: "It was amazing."

MH: "It WAS amazing. I didn't think anybody was going to be there because the students are a huge part of our fans and whatever, but it was fun tonight. It was good to see that."

TM: "That place gets so loud. It doesn't take many people for it to get loud, and that place just seemed packed. It was just…I mean, that was exciting stuff. That's what you live to play for right there."

Q: How about the new lights?

TM: "The new lights are great."

MH: "Way better than it used to be."

TM: "Yeah. It used to be really dark in there, but it's good now."

Q: How about sharing the ball? You guys have been really balanced back and forth offensively. The Drake coach that came in and talked with us said you have five players in double figures.

TM: "Well, they sat in that zone, and we obviously prepped for the zone, knew they were going to play zone. Mac does a good job. We just kinda whipped the ball around that zone and everybody got some looks, then when they started penetrating they got to the hoop a lot. It just seemed kinda easy at times. I mean, if you weren't open somebody else was because that's how a zone works. It felt all right."

MH: "I said this before. I think it's hard to zone us. We've got shooters you got to respect…a lot of ‘em. A lot us. We got penetration and we're going to be unselfish. That's the thing about playing offense against a zone. You've got to be unselfish. You might not have the shot, but I guarantee you somebody else is going to be open for a catch and shoot or a layup or something like that. A zone…it's kinda hard to guard people in a zone."

Q: You guys looked like you were really well prepared today. Was there anything about them that surprised you?

TM: "Not really, I don't think. They (the coaches) watched a couple of games and they straight-up told us that it was going to be a 40-minute attack-the-zone type of game. On defense they run a pretty good motion. It's always moving. They have a lot of options out of it. It's hard to prep that, but for the most part we knew what they were going to run, some pick and rolls and stuff like that. I think we were pretty well prepared."

GAYLEN WOOD: You guys seemed to do a lot of damage inside on offense. It looked like three players in the paint, wide-open shots.

TM: "That's just Mac and Shif (Kashif Watson)…I mean, they're quick. They can get to the bucket easy, and in a zone that's what you've got to do. You've got to attack gaps, and they do that so well. They make it look easy."

MH: "We just try to attack and be aggressive, and then once like everybody comes in and focuses on us dribbling to the basket or trying to attack we're going to kick it out to T-Mo or Terrence (Simmons) or Lucy (de Souza). If we attack it's going to be hard to stop us."

Marvin Jefferson
Q: Mac, you had a lot of assists inside; so you're getting the ball to B (Brandon) Wiley and Marvin Jefferson. How was that opening up in there for you?

MH: "It just made us play better. It made everybody work together. We know what we're doing and we want to win. It just shows unselfishness. That's what we showed tonight, and we had fun, and we won. That's all that counts."

GAYLEN WOOD: "This kinda blows the rest of your spring break. Is that a disappointment?

MH: "Nah."

TM: "We've got something to play for. Like Terrence said before this game. This is like a whole new life. You get to play. It was like trying to adjust to not playing, and it was like, ‘Well, what are you going to do now?' But this is like exciting. It's a whole new chance. You've just got to give it everything you have."

LARRY JOHNSON: Would you describe it as you're in the bonus round now?

TM: "Yeah. Basically. I mean, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity playing in the post season; so you've just got to take advantage of it, really."

Q: Do you guys have any idea where you're going next?

MH: "I think we're going to Pacific."

Q: Going down there?

MH: "Yeah. We'll go all the way down there and try to get one…I think it's on Monday."

Q: Mac, can you talk about the late foul?

MH: "Coach told me to foul him, put him at the free throw line because they were down by three. I guess I did the wrong thing by trying to grab him. I should have just like hit his arm or something. That was my fault. If we would have lost it would have been ‘blame it on me.' That was my fault. Now I know. You've got to go for the hand or the wrist or something. It probably won't ever happen again, though."

Q: Mac, the last time I think you won a post-season game your dad played.

MH: "Yeah."

Q: "Was that special to you?

MH: "That's very special to me. It's just so huge. I can't really explain it. I mean, I transferred here to help put this program on the map, and that's exactly what we're doing. I'm so excited. I'm so happy inside. I might not show it but I'm really excited inside. It's just huge for our program. I just can't express it."

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