2 MINUTE DRILL: LB Brad Marboe

This was the first spring camp for redshirt freshman linebacker BRAD MARBOE, a standout athlete out of Idaho Falls (Ida.) High School, and he made the most of his opportunities. With returning starter Joseph "JoJo" Dickson being held out of contact drills, Marboe earned significant reps throughout camp with the No.1 and No.2 defensive units, and sets his sights on serious playing time this fall.

GoVandals.net writer/photographer Larry Johnson spoke with redshirt freshman linebacker Brad Marboe following Friday's Silver and Gold Spring Game. The business student talked about his experience this spring and expectations going into next fall.

PLAYER PROFILE: Brad Marboe, 6-3.5, 201, LB, RS-Fr (Idaho Falls, ID)

LJ: First off, how did spring camp go for you?

BM: "I think it went pretty good. I came in like coach said -- green around the edges -- and then I just kinda learned a lot. I think it went alright."

LJ: What do you expect your role to be this fall?

BM: "I'm probably going to be playing a lot of special teams, and getting a few reps at linebacker. That's what I'm planning on, just get the hang of it, get my feet wet."

LJ: What do you think the biggest difference was between this spring and when you joined the team last fall?

BM: "Well, in the fall I was mostly all scout team. Now I'm not on any scout teams. I'm getting real reps with the ones and twos. Scout team is more like ‘Go here, do this' -- reading cards. Now I'm actually doing what our team does."

LJ: What do you think the linebacker lineup is going to look like this fall?

BM: "I'll be playing behind JoJo [Joseph Dickson] is what it's looking like, but you're always one injury away; or if JoJo needs a rest I'll be going in. I'm planning on playing this season."

LJ: And on special teams?

BM: "Yeah. Special teams. I'm planning on playing a lot."

LJ: What's your overall impression? You've been here now a year and you've started to become a veteran. What's your impression about how the team has progressed since when you first arrived?

BM: "Since I've gotten here we've got the new film rooms, as far as facilities go. Those are getting better. As a team you can just tell there's a lot of brotherhood going on, and I've heard from older guys that this year especially there's been a lot more brotherhood and brotherhood stuff going on, more bonding throughout the team."

LJ: Practice today seemed pretty competitive. Do you think it was a little more competitive than in the past?

BM: "You know, it's just another day out here on the field. Everyone's adrenalin is going, things happen. It was good. It's good when you have aggression like that, the offense is going after the defense because that'll carry over into a game. It's good."

LJ: Okay, changing gears, what's your favorite music? What do you like to listen to? What's in your IPOD?

BM: "I've got a lot of classic rock and then just anything easy to listen to. I'm actually pretty easy going with my music."

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