Stevens, Woolridge, & Keo Discuss UW Game

The Vandals had numerous scoring opportunities in the first half, but traded Washington touchdowns for Idaho field goals throughout the first and second quarters. Down 21-9 at the half, the Idaho kickoff team recovered a fumble on the opening kickoff of the third quarter but couldn't capitalize. Idaho center IRVIN STEVENS, tailback DeMaundray Woolidge, and safety Shiloh Keo discuss the game.

Irvin Stevens, OL
Irvin, a 6-3, 285-pound senior, is Idaho's starting center. The Vandal line put up another solid performance today, clearing a path for 412 total yards and a whopping 349 yards through the air.

About the team's shaky start in the first quarter:
"We could have done so much more. As a group the offense came out slow, I had a holding. As a matter of fact, we talked it over and our players said it wasn't a hold, but if the ref calls it he calls it. So it's adversity, you've got to keep fighting backing yourself up like that. It wasn't a really good start to the game like that. We tried to come out and keep it going strong, but we kept backing ourselves up. Eventually we just killed ourselves.

About getting into a rhythm:
We started getting into a rhythm. Offense started clipping. Their defense did a pretty good job disguising where they were going, so it was a hard for us just say this is what we've got to do. We did a great job as a unit, picking things up as and making sure everything went kinda smooth. We had some rough patches there, but the whole point of a drive is to finish it. We didn't do the last part of it. We didn't finish it, we didn't score touchdowns. We kicked a field goal, which is nice, we got points. But in a game like this you've got to score touchdowns to win games.

About struggling in the redzone:
They didn't do anything we didn't expect. We practiced hard, we practiced a lot of different variations of their defense. The thing was we killed ourselves out there. As a team we all have to be on the same page, all 11 guys have to click at once. If one guy's off it messes everything up. Whether it's myself or somebody else that messed up, we missed our chance to score.

About throwing the ball so often in this game:
Honestly, we don't think about it, we just kinda try to move the ball. Whatever's working at the time, that's what we need to focus on. If the pass is working, let them go with the pass. If the run is working, let them go with the run. Whatever gets you the score.

DeMaundray Woolridge, RB
DeMaundray scored two touchdowns this afternoon, beginning with a powerful 4-yard run in the third that made the game 35-16 with 3:58 left in the quarter. He scored again on a 6-yard run late in the fourth quarter to make the game 42-23. Overall, he led the Vandal with 41-yards on seven carries for an average of 5.9 yards per carry.

About the game:
"I'm not going to say we played great, I think we can play better. The game overall, Idaho put some points on the board, but overall it doesn't satisfy me at all. A ‘W' is what we came here to get."

About his touchdown run on the last drive:
"Towards the end of the game, we were just trying to get down there and get some points. We knew the game was pretty much over, but we wanted to keep ourselves motivated for next week. And UW played great, hats off to them."

About getting his first Division 1A touchdown since UCLA in 2006:
"Getting the first one out of the way, it kind of gave me a little fire. I kinda wanted to get in there and get more. But we have a rotating backfield, and we have a system, and I'm a part of the system."

Shiloh Keo, DB
Idaho's starting free safety finished with a team leading seven tackles on the afternoon, including one pass breakup.

Anything happen today you weren't expecting from the Husky offense:
"No, they just attacked the middle of the field a lot more than they typically do, but they didn't come out and surprise us with anything that we weren't preparing for this week.

About being back in front of the home town crowd:
"It's great to be back, really down on myself. It just sucks for our fans who made all that long travel, and we didn't come out with the win. Just know that it's going to be a different team on the field next week, so come out and support the Vandals."

About being a different team this year:
"Oh, definitely. Don't get me wrong, we are all DOWN about this loss. We didn't come in here expecting to lose, we came to win. We know we're a better team than we showed on the field out there today. Defensively we made a lot of mistakes that cost us in the end. Offensively, they performed well. There were some third downs we needed them to convert, but they weren't able to do it but they were still moving the ball on these guys. We just need to come together as a defense, create more turnovers, and make fewer mistakes."

Did it feel like a lot of those drives were like a few NMSU drives where you just couldn't get off the field:
"It just seemed like we were an inch away from getting out of each third down. They were able to convert. They've got some great athletes over there. They are scholarship guys, and we are scholarship guys too, but they won – they won the battles."

About being back in front of the home town:
"Pregame, yeah definitely. You get the sense that hey, there are a lot of people out here supporting you. But when you get out there, it's just another football game."

Impressions of Jake Locker:
"Oh, he's a phenomenal quarterback. All the props to him, he's a great leader out there. He's great on his feet. Everyone knows that going into the Dawg House, everybody knows you've got to contain that quarterback. Don't let him get loose, because he can create some damage. We broke down on some of our rush lanes – we wanted to contain him at all times. But there were some times that we ended up getting inside and giving him a free lane to the outside and move the ball. So, we just got to come back, learn from our mistakes, and make sure it doesn't happen again."

About any surprises on his precision as a passer:
"No, definitely not. He's a great quarterback all around. He's got a strong arm, and he can put the ball where it needs to be."

About the shift in momentum of Idaho turning it over at beginning of the third:
"I didn't feel like it. We stress sudden change defense, and it seems like it brings out a little more in our defense when our offense goes out and turns the ball over. It's our job to fight as a hard as we can and get the ball. They just executed better than we did."

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