Komar and Enderle discuss loss at UW

The Vandal offense jumped out to a tenuous beginning, committing numerous offsides and holding penalties on their first drive and getting into a first-down-and-a-mile situation. But the team gained its composure and racked up 412 yards of total offense against the Huskies. Despite the production in the middle of the field, the offense stalled in the redzone. Komar and Enderle discuss the game.

Max Komar, WR
Max finished second on the Vandals this afternoon at Washington, hauling in five passes for 111 yards, including a long of 33-yards. He was named the offensive player of the week by the team for his performance against NMSU last weekend, and carried the axe onto the field this weekend.

About coming home:
When I was a kid growing up I came to a lot of Husky football games. I wasn't necessarily a Husky fan, but I just liked college football. I got to watch a lot of Pac-10 games growing up. So it meant a lot to come back home, play in front of all my friends, family, and my high school teachers, and some are coaches.

About extra energy going into this game:
Obviously you want to play good every game, but the extra hype just makes you want to make that much more of a bigger play. I just came out with the attitude that I was going to go balls to the wall, and if the ball came to me I was just going to make plays.

About exploiting UW's pass defense:
After watching the LSU film all week long, we've been throwing the ball a lot because you saw the that the weakness of the Washington defense is in their secondary. The front seven is real good, but that was one of the things we had planned. Just watching the film, seeing their secondary, we knew we could exploit them.

What happened in the redzone:
It was a combination of a number of things. You saw those penalties, that's what hurt us a lot in the first half. If you look at the scoreboard, you see we had nine points and it should have been 21. A lot of that was execution and doing your job. We had a couple holding penalties. You saw that pass interference got called back. We were hoping to get a break and maybe get that call. So, it was a combination of things – us hurting ourselves. That's what it came down to, we hurt ourselves. They didn't really beat us down in that zone.

About the injury in the third quarter:
I'm fine. For a couple weeks now I've had a bruised heel, and it comes and goes. I got hit on my heel on that play, so it's just one of those things. I came off and got regrouped.

About carrying the axe:
Yeah, I knew before the game. Coach Akey told me yesterday. He said it's your home town, and I got offensive player of the week last week for us, so he told me that I was going to carry it out for us. So, I was pretty excited about that.

About the turnover to start the third quarter:
"Oh, that kills you. That's one of those things we talk about. You've got to capitalize on those kinds of mistakes, and we didn't right there. Our offense came on the field, we were excited, our kickoff team was able to get a turnover. And its one of those things where you've got to be able to flip it. You've got to be able to score in that situation. That really hurt us mentally. I saw a couple people with their heads down after that play, but its one of those things where we've just got to move on from here and worry about next week.

About the showing this weekend compared to the opener at Arizona last year:
"It's encouraging, but at the same time it's disappointing. We wanted to come in here and win. That was obviously the objective. We think we're just as good as these guys, we just killed ourselves in the first half. As you see, we left those points out there on the field. We just gotta watch film, learn from our mistakes, and move onto next week and try to get that win.

Nathan Enderle, QB
Idaho's starting quarterback went 22-of-33 for 279 yards this afternoon against Washington in Seattle. He had one pass picked off, and was sacked twice as he guided the Vandals into the redzone numerous times (Idaho gained an impressive 412 yards in the game), but came away with three field goals and one rushing touchdown before scoring a touchdown late in the fourth quarter.

About the ball game:
"We moved the football pretty well. We'd get down into the redzone and we'd stall ourselves, and didn't capitalize. We could have had 12 more points in the first half alone if we just score touchdowns, and that's a huge swing."

About the protection of the offensive line:
"Kudos to them, they're playing well right now. If they continue to play, we'll continue to move the ball like that."

About what happened on the pick in the third:
"The SAM ‘backer was on the line, dropped back, I didn't see him and he grabbed the ball."

Did Washington do anything in the redzone that Idaho didn't expect:
"No sir, we just didn't capitalize. We shot ourselves in the foot with a few holding penalties, and didn't execute well enough in the redzone, and that's where it is most important."

About today's successes:
"We did move the ball. It's important to move the ball, and it shows we're throwing the ball pretty well. The running game didn't get going as soon as we wanted it to, but it showed that we could throw the ball even if we don't have both sides going."

About the expectation to attack UW's defensive backfield:
"They're a good group, but at the same time I think we have a good group of wideouts. And our O-Line, if they're giving me that much time, it's easy to throw on anyone."

About throwing more than running:
"Well, you know we're a pretty balanced attack, and we're going to take what the other team's giving us. If we can't run the ball, and if we can throw the ball, that's what we're gonna do."

About keys for San Diego State:
"Keep moving the ball, execute better, and the redzone is going to be a big key for us to score touchdowns, and touchdowns is where it's at."

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