GoVandals.net recently sat down with Idaho's charasmatic head football coach ROBB AKEY for an exclusive video interview, recorded shortly after the official announcement of Idaho's invitation to the Roady's Humanitarian Bowl in Boise against Bowling Green this Wednesday, December 30th (2:30PM MST) and televised nationally on ESPN. Coach Akey discusses the season, the team, and the fans.

Larry Johnson of GoVandals.net sat down with Idaho head coach Robb Akey for a one-on-one video interview shortly after Idaho's bowl game with Bowling Green was officially announced. Some of the information is a little dated, but the message is - as always - a good one from Coach Akey.

This is also our first video interview on this site, a technology we plan to use heavily in the months and years ahead.

The full interview is broken down into five segments, with each approximately 2-3 minute segment addressing a specific discussion topic. Just click the "Watch Video" text next to each topic to see the segment.

CLIP 1: Discusses 2009 season and bowl berth -

CLIP 2: Discusses impact on players, seniors in particular -

CLIP 3: Discusses player health going into the bowl game -

CLIP 4: Discusses practice situation and Bowling Green -

CLIP 5: Coach Robb Akey's message to Idaho fans -

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