An exclusive video interview with Idaho President, Dr. Duane Nellis, about his thoughts on fundraising, budgets, academics, marketing, and Idaho athletic programs. Dr. Nellis also spoke about the role of Vandal athletics for Idaho and the benefits of winning the 2009 Humanitarian Bowl.

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Dr. Nellis was gracious with his time and for that generosity we are grateful. It was Dr. Nellis who suggested the venue you see in this interview - a Humanitarian Bowl Game football on one side and the globe on the other side.

The University of Idaho is under new management and the focus on improving Idaho's image is growing, but with more than words. There is strategy too. Further proof of Idaho's new management strategy was the full page ad that appeared in the Idaho Statesman the morning after the Humanitarian Bowl victory - where the byline was: "I am more than a comeback victory".

The University of Idaho is a whole lot more than a football program, as it is the flagship university of the State of Idaho, a research university, and an academic home to dozens of National Merit Scholars.

Here, our subscribers may watch Dr. Nellis discuss his role for the Vandals in our exclusive 5-part interview. We taped this interview last week - two days before the beginning of the Spring Semester. Subscribers will be pleasantly surprised by his clear messages about all facets of the University of Idaho, including Vandal athletics - a first for any Idaho President in several years, if not a first-ever occurrence.

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