UPDATE: ASUI Kibbie Activity Center West End

The University of Idaho continues to work on the upgrades to the west wall of the ASUI/Kibbie Activity Center. Last weekend GoVandals.Net stopped by the area to capture these images of the new egress/stairway/exits, as well as the new pedestrian bridge that will be strong enough for fire equipment. Work continues on the project, with landscaping and finishing touches anticipated this spring.

The gallery below provides a glimpse at one of the Life-Safety updates being added to the west end of the ASUI Kibbie Athletic Center on the campus of the University of Idaho. These upgrades include field level egress from inside the Dome, as well as a pedestrian bridge over the egress. Finishing touches to this end of the stadium's exterior are underway and landscaping will be added later this spring.

NOTE: The covered doorways shown in images 6, 7, 10, and 11 open to stairways which provide egress from the Dome floor (playing field) located 16 feet below these doors. These stairways provide emergency egress from the Dome, directing traffic down the lighted path shown in images 1, 2, and 3 leading out to the west parking lot.

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