Otero reflects on career at Idaho

Following last week's Senior Night loss to Louisiana Tech, Idaho's lone senior on the women's squad, point guard CHARLOTTE OTERO, reflected on her career with the Vandals. Despite Idaho's early season struggles, the Vandals regrouped as Western Athletic Conference play began and battled to a stunning No.4 regular season finish. The Vandals set their sights on the WAC Tourney tipping off today.

Charlotte Otero:

Reflect on your four years at Idaho: "I have been through a lot at Idaho. My first two years, then having a coaching change, and then having to get used to a new system [under second year head coach Jon Newlee]. But I'm glad I've had the chance to go out the way I have. We've been winning so many more games just this year than I won in the two years I was here my first two years. I'm just really thankful that I had the opportunity to stay here, and when the new coaches came in they still stuck with me and gave me a chance. I‘m just glad to be a part of the Idaho history."

Jon Newlee on Charlotte Otero: Talk about Charlotte Otero and your relationship and this being her final game here at Idaho: "I'll tell you what. Char had a fantastic senior night. I think she was the best player on the floor, both teams. She played with a lot of heart, a lot of energy, made her shots, handled the ball, got assists, got some steals. She was all over the place. She did a fantastic job. She's been doing that for two years for me. I can tell you that. I've asked her to score more this year than last year with (Derisa) Taleni being out and then (Jessica) Graham going down; so we have some more options. With some of the other guys in their shooting slumps I needed Char to take some more 3's, take some more shots and she's definitely capable of doing it. It's just that sometimes it's hard for her to get her shot off because she's small. We've drawn up some stuff for her and she's doing a great job.

"The kid just plays hard night in, night out -- 40 minutes. Practices hard. I never had a kid that practiced as hard and played as hard for as long as her. It's amazing to me. She has done everything I've asked her to do and more on the floor. We're gonna miss her, man. We're gonna miss her next year. It's hard. I wish I would have been here…I wish we had one more year with her. I think now she really understands exactly what I want on the floor, and that's what you're seeing, a point guard knowing what their coach wants and needs to be done on the floor, and that's what's happening with her. I'm really happy for her because she's put in all the work and it's coming for her. I think it's great. I'm glad she's had the success she's had in the last couple years here because kids like that deserve to see some wins for the hard work they put in."

Did you expect she'd be that kind of player for you when you first came in here? "You know, I wasn't sure. I knew I had a choice to make between her and couple of players. I thought she was gonna be my point guard. I knew when I got here for the spring workouts and we had those first individual workouts that she was gonna be my point guard. I did know that. Whether she was gonna be able to do all the things…I wasn't sure she would be able to score like she's doing right now, like I liked my point guards to do when I was at Idaho State, but she certainly has done it. Yeah, I knew after the first spring workouts that she was gonna be the one, and there wasn't anybody else, believe me, behind her that was gonna be doing it either; so you just hold your breath and hope she can make it through every game and practice and keep it going, because without that, boy, we'd be in a world of hurt."

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