Kortland Webb Getting Attention In St. Louis

There are a number of outstanding high school football players who, for one reason or another, are not highly recruited. They need help getting the word out about their abilities. In the case of Kortland Webb, an older brother has begun sharing his video highlights on college websites. Illinois was already recruiting him, with good reason.

Kortland Webb is a star quarterback for Ladue High School in St. Louis. Unfortunately, few colleges are aware of his outstanding ability. He has a theory on why.

"I'm under the radar. The team is 5-1, but our team doesn't get as much publicity as bigger schools in St. Louis. So our players are flying under the radar. Any time we're able to get our film out to coaches is good and will help us."

Older brother Vincent Webb, who played football at Eastern Illinois University and is offensive coordinator for the Ladue freshman team and varsity assistant, has made an effort to share his younger brother's video highlights. They show an intelligent quarterback with advanced passing skills and field awareness. And one with great speed and quickness.

Perhaps another reason for a lack of college interest is that he is somewhat small for a major college quarterback at 5'-11", 170 pounds. But in every other way, Webb has the attributes necessary to be a top quarterback.

"My strength is knowing the game. Knowing defenses, knowing what our job as an offense is, knowing where our receivers and everybody should be. Understanding football because I've been around it all my life.

"I've been around football since I was five, and I've been playing since then. I've a lot of older siblings and relatives who played football. I've been a sponge to the game."

Webb also has an older brother Kendall who is a strong safety at Illinois State University. His recruitment may depend on whether college coaches project him capable of playing a position other than quarterback.

"A couple colleges are recruiting me as an athlete. They'll have to see what I play once I get up there. So there is no definite position at this point."

He is listed as a defensive back on his high school team, but he only plays there when needed.

"In big games, if my team needs me to guard somebody, I guard them. It's no big deal. I don't have any problem with it. I haven't played defense since the second game of the year."

More than likely, Webb will make someone an outstanding slotback, one who can burn secondaries with his speed. He would also be excellent on reverses, halfback option passes and maybe as a kick returner. There is always room for an athlete with his athleticism and skill set.

Webb has no scholarship offers yet, but a number of schools have made contact with him.

"I've talked to the University of Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Western Kentucky University, Arkansas State University. A lot of schools around the Midwest."

Illini running back coach DeAndre Smith has a strong connection with Webb and his family.

"Coach Smith has a good relationship with me. He actually recruited my brother for running back at Northern Illinois while he was there. And he actually played with my dad."

Webb has an idea what he is looking for in a college.

"Football's not gonna last forever. So I definitely want a school that has a major I want. A well established program, somewhere I can get a lot of playing time and hopefully get me to the next level."

He isn't sure of a major as yet, but he has some ideas.

"I was thinking about either Criminal Justice or Sports Management."

Webb will need to be patient with the recruiting process. But some college is going to be happy it decided to take a chance on the talented young athlete.

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