Jerrell Moore Keeping Illini In Mind

Fighting Illini football coaches continue to make inroads in recruiting circles. Even though last year's record turned off some prospects, there is a new enthusiasm among the coaching staff. That is helping open doors with players, some of whom are already committed elsewhere. Louisville commit Jerrell Moore is likely to visit the Illini before finalizing his decision.

Jerrell Moore is a talented athlete from Fern Creek High School in Louisville. He is one of three major college prospects on that team who have already committed to play at Louisville. However, he is keeping the door open for Illinois.

"I'm definitely gonna give Illinois a look, see where I can fit into their system. I'm not gonna wave off anything. My feelings are still strong for Louisville, but I'm not gonna close anything off yet. Anything could happen."

Moore knew Illini quarterback coach Jeff Brohm before he was hired at Illinois.

"He's a real cool, down-to-earth person. He's been looking at me since he was in the Louisville area."

The 5'-11", 175 pounder is listed on both sides of the ball, but he has a preference.

"I prefer either slot or running back. I just help out on defense. I'm an athlete."

Moore is looking for an offense that will give him opportunities to make plays with the ball in his hands.

"I'm used to the spread offense. That's what most colleges play. I feel I fit very good in the spread offense. A very fast-paced, up-tempo type of team I'd be very effective in. If you get me out in open space, I can make a lot happen."

The speedster has statistics to support his position, based on games prior to last weekend.

"I think I have close to 16 touchdowns and 600-700 yards on the ground. I have around 250 receiving yards."

Moore, who plans a weight training program to reach 185-190 pounds in the off season, has three schools at the top of his list.

"Right now, I'd say my top three schools are Louisville, UK (Kentucky) and Illinois."

Moore was supposed to visit Illinois for the Ohio State game in early October. His teammates Jalen Harrington and Jamon Brown left too early for him. He says they enjoyed their time on campus.

"They thought it was a great experience. It was a big game when they got up there. They hadn't had that experience before. It was a good show."

How would he describe his teammates in terms of their football skills?

"Jalen is more of a bruiser back. He takes the pounding. He does his thing. And we use him a lot at safety. He makes a lot happen back there. He makes big plays.

"Jamon is my right hand man. It's like the parting of the see on his side. He opens up the gaps for me. He also plays d-tackle. I think he likes defense a little more, but it doesn't matter to him. He'll play wherever they need him."

Despite this obvious talent, Fern Creek is struggling to have a winning season.

"We're a young team. We have only like seven seniors on our team. We got off to a slow start, but we're picking things up and hope to make the playoffs."

The Illini will most likely get an official visit from this Louisville star.

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