Is Florida Receiver Near A Commitment?

The Fighting Illini football team may be on the verge of getting good news from a Florida receiver. Ocoee athlete Trenier Orr appears to be close to a decision on his college future. Despite a poor team record, Orr attracted the attention of offensive coordinator Paul Petrino.

Trenier Orr is a 5'-11", 175 pound receiver from Ocoee, Florida. He may be close to committing to Illinois.

"I like everything about it. I know every school offers good academics, but my mom and I studied the schools. She really wanted me to wait to see what else might want me. But I told her this is the school I want. She knows I like the football program. I think I can make a big difference.

"I plan on committing soon, but I'm trying to figure out how to say it."

Orr hasn't visited the school yet, but he is in the process of setting up his official visit.

"I'm planning to make an official visit to Illinois. I was going to make it December 4th or 11th, but I had to change because the SAT is on those dates. So I have to schedule it for later.

"I plan on taking official visits to Colorado State and Illinois. They have offered, as well as Eastern Michigan, Georgia Southern and Colorado State."

Orr had a good senior season on the field.

"This year I played pretty good. I had 22 catches for something like 630 yards. I was playing quarterback at the beginning of the season, for the first 3 games. If I had been playing receiver at the beginning of the year, my totals would be better.

"I started both ways at receiver and cornerback. I had shut-down D the whole year. I only allowed three passes the whole year. Only one school threw to my side more than once. My coach always put me on the best receiver the whole game."

His stats would have undoubtedly been better had his team surrounded him with more talent or played in a lower division.

"Our season is over. We didn't do very good this year. We went 0-10. It was pretty frustrating. It's 6-A football. We're a pretty big school. We have a couple thousand kids."

How does he describe himself as a football player?

"I'm a competer. I love to compete. The coaches call me fast, but I believe I can improve on my speed."

How does Illinois plan to use you?

"I talk to Coach Petrino once every week. He didn't really talk to me about how he'd like to use me, but I think he'd put me more at the slot."

Orr is not just a one-sport athlete.

"My first two years of high school I played basketball. After I'm through with the SAT's, I'm gonna try out for baseball to play outfield."

He is also ambitious academically.

"I'm looking at a couple possible majors, nuclear medicine technology, business management or something to do with sports."

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