Jordan Frysinger Discusses Illini Commitment

The Fighting Illini football team is leaving no stone unturned in its quest to recruit top football players. The latest commitment was a virtual unknown outside Upstate New York, but his potential is excellent. Jordan Frysinger had a phenomenal senior season as a running back, and he has accepted a scholarship to play slot receiver at the UI.

Jordan Frysinger took an unusual path to college football. The Illinois football commitment was so outstanding in Lacrosse, it was assumed he would play that sport in college.

"I was committed to play Lacrosse in college since I was a sophomore, all the way up to the beginning of my senior year when I decided to look at football as an option."

However the 6'-0", 175 pounder with 4.5 forty speed took the football world by storm his senior season, averaging a phenomenal 18 yards a carry as a running back. Since most backs only dream of that kind of productivity, he was asked how it feels.

"You score a lot, so it's a pretty good feeling. You feel like you can make a big play every time you touch it."

Frysinger attends a school who's sports program is combined with it's sister school.

"The high school I go to is Corning East High School, but our sports are combined with a school that used to be Corning West. We're separate schools, but the sports are combined. Our football team is the Corning Hawks."

It is a Double-A school, the second largest division in New York. The Hawks had a great season.

"We did good. We lost in the state quarterfinals. It was the only game we lost this year. We didn't play good, so I guess we deserved to lose."

Offensive line coach Joe Gilbert is his recruiting coach. The territory is familiar to Gilbert.

"He's the one that recruited me. I think he recruited me through (Paul) Petrino, but Coach Gilbert and I connected well because we're both from the same area."

Once Frysinger made it to campus for his official visit, he was sold.

"I went down there and really liked all the coaches a lot. They're personable guys and like to talk with their players. They want you to work hard, and it's a good academic school. So it's a good fit for me."

Frysinger, whose host on the visit was Illini freshman receiver Spencer Harris, also thinks highly of Petrino, his future position coach at Illinois.

"He's a good guy. He reminds me of one of my high school coaches. He'll make you play hard. He'll tell you when you're right and when you're wrong."

While Frysinger mostly ran the ball in high school, he's not totally unfamiliar with his college position.

"I played a wingback, which is sort of like a slot, which is sort of a receiver/running back. But I'll have to transfer to receiving mode I guess. I'm not sure if I'll play inside or out yet. He said most receivers play both inside and out."

Frysinger was not heavily recruited as most colleges were unaware of him.

"I didn't have a lot of offers. Most of the schools that wanted me to come play were Ivy League schools. Mostly Harvard, Cornell and Brown. I've been very under-recruited because of the whole Lacrosse situation and my location."

Not many college recruiters ever venture into Corning.

"Yeah, usually none at all."

Frysinger was able to make it out of Champaign after his visit despite the snow and strong winds. But his flight home was delayed a couple hours by snow enroute. At 10:00 pm Eastern time Sunday, he still had more traveling to get home.

"We landed in Rochester. Corning is about an hour and a half drive from Rochester."

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