Will Kyshoen Jarrett Reopen Recruitment?

With the coaching carousel in college football going around, some committed recruits are starting to explore other options in case things don't work out with their original teams. One of those top-level recruits is considering Illinois and will check the program out in the near future.

Kyshoen Jarrett is one of the top cornerback prospects in the country. Pittsburgh was able to keep him in-state, but the recent departure of Dave Wannstedt has left a few of Pitt's recruits looking elsewhere just in case. One of the places Jarrett is looking at is Illinois.

Jarrett's first thought when Wannstedt left wasn't what he would do, but rather the reactions his fellow commits would have.

"The rest of the class was my main concern. What would the rest of our class do? A lot of us talked during the process. We have some great relationships. A lot of us are too busy to talk a lot, though."

Despite rumors that he's decommitted, Jarrett remains a member of Pitt's class for now. He clarifies where he currently stands in his recruitment.

"At this point I'm still committed, but I'm open to whoever else can give me an opportunity. If I decide to decommit from Pitt, I want to go where I'd get that opportunity. At this point I need to decide on the staff and what the new head coach is like."

Jarrett has a close relationship with current Illini tackle and former East Stroudsburg High School teammate Corey Lewis.

"Corey and I are pretty close. He definitely looks out for me, especially with recruiting. We hang out when we're home. We played football together for a year, and he wants to get me out there for an official."

Has Corey been in his ear about Illinois at all?

"He isn't trying to put any pressure on me. He tells me it's a great place with great guys, and the coaching staff is fun. He's real cool with the whole situation."

Corey sat this season out due to a medical redshirt. If Jarrett did end up choosing Illinois, that would allow the teammates to reunite for at least one more season together. Is it something they've considered?

"We haven't talked about it yet, but I'm sure it'll come around when we see each other. I know that will be something we talk about."

In addition to Lewis, Jarrett has been hearing from the Illinois coaches and likes their personalities and the way they respect his situation.

"They want me out there. They want me to come out and see what they're all about. They're just excited that we can talk again in recruiting, and there's a good chance for me to go there.

"It's actually been a fun situation between myself, Illinois, and Corey. At the same time, I still have to make my decision about my education and football for the next four years."

Despite his Pitt commitment, Jarrett has kept an eye on the Illini this season, and he believes they are on the verge of some big things.

"I watched most of the games. Of course I couldn't see them all. They had a lot of close games they didn't quite finish. It's a year where they're on their way up. They can definitely compete. Hopefully it'll be a positive situation for them."

Illinois has fought injuries and depth issues at cornerback all season, going to some of its offensive players as converted defensive backs. Early playing time is certainly a possibility, but Jarrett knows that it wouldn't be automatic at Illinois.

"Really all that is based on how I go in and compete. They hope I can get a good grasp at corner, but we haven't talked too much yet about early playing time. It might be something we talk about when I get out there."

At this point, Jarrett only has one visit scheduled. However, it may not be the only one when all is said and done.

"Right now Illinois is the only one I have. I haven't really talked to too many schools about taking them, but I will starting real soon. I've been talking to Virginia Tech, Rutgers, and Connecticut. Virginia Tech is the most likely."

With his visit set for late January, don't expect a final decision from Jarrett any time soon. He wants to weigh all of his options and make the best decision possible.

"Yeah, that's the plan. I'm going to take all my visits before I decide."

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