Pitt Decommit Desimon Green Considering UI

Coaching changes cause many recruits to consider other options when it comes to choosing a college. One of the schools hit hardest by a recent coaching departure was Pittsburgh with the departure of Dave Wannstedt. One of its former commits is now considering the Illini.

Recently former Pittsburgh commit Kyshoen Jarrett changed his commitment to Virginia Tech. Fellow commit Desimon Green now seems to have eliminated Pitt from the picture and lists Illinois among the contenders for his services. Like many others, Wannstedt's departure was a surprise to him.

"I was really shocked. I didn't think he was going to leave so I was shocked."

Green said that while they all discussed the situation as a class, their futures were each in their own hands.

"Some guys decommitted and some stayed. Each person made his own decision on it."

When Green's decommitment was announced, his phone began to ring. Other college coaches were now vying for his services and didn't waste any time doing so.

"I started getting calls that same night and the next day. I have a top 4 in no order of Cincinnati, Illinois, MSU, and TTU."

Green feels the only way to truly understand a school is to visit. Many coaches say the same thing on the phone, but he will only get an actual grasp on the identity of a school and how he will feel through visits.

"I need to be comfortable being there for the next four or five years of my life. Every school will get me an education, but I want to be comfortable living there."

One of Illinois's most recent commits is helping Green learn more about the Illini program.

"Recently my friend Dondi Kirby committed, and we were talking. He was telling me how nice it was out there and how it was cool. So I want to check it out for myself."

The Clairton, Pennsylvania, star plans on going through the entire process before he makes his decision. That includes seeing each school under consideration.

"I'm going to take visits to all of my top four."

Though he is a defensive end, Illini running backs coach DeAndre Smith has been the individual in contact with Desimon throughout the process.

"I've been talking with Coach Smith. Coach Smith is really cool and honest. He's been out a couple times to see me. He'll be coming back in January I think."

Green recently came off of a strong season on the field in which his Clairton team repeated as state champions. This year the championship game was different than last as they found themselves in a deep hole early.

"It showed that we were really good. In this last one we were down 24 points in the first quarter and came back and won."

Green anchored the defense at Clairton, and with his combination of size and explosiveness, it is easy to see how he can be a game changer.

"I'm 6'4", 230 pounds. I'm very fast off the edge. That's my benefit. I'm good at rushing the passer. That's my style."

Green will be a player to keep an eye on, but don't expect anything soon from the Pennsylvanian as he weighs his options to make the best possible decision.

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