Ohio Receiver Impressed With Junior Day

In a continuing quest to upgrade the passing offense, the Fighting Illini brought in several receivers for Junior Day last Saturday. Among them was Cam Wilson, who resides at the doorstep of an Illini competitor in Ohio. Wilson had an outstanding junior season and has attracted wide-ranging interest.

Wide receiver Cameron Wilson had a tremendous junior year for Jerome High School in Dublin, Ohio.

"I did pretty good. I had 77 catches for 1,075 yards and 8 touchdowns."

That was more than pretty good. That total is outstanding for any league or age group. And it came despite having to be on the field most of the time.

"I played a little bit at running back. I carried the ball a lot. I played db a lot, and I returned kicks too. I prefer receiver."

The 6'-2", 190 pounder has several scholarship offers already, with more certain to follow.

"I have offers from Illinois, Boston College, West Virginia, Purdue and Toledo."

Other schools have been eager to entertain him on visits.

"I went to a whole bunch of games during the fall including Michigan State, Michigan, Ohio State, Cincinnati, and Notre Dame. And then I went to a Boston College Junior Day and then the Illini."

The Illinois Junior Day was last Saturday. He enjoyed the brief but informative visit.

"I saw the football facilities, met the coaches and talked to Coach (Ron) Zook for a little bit. I talked to Coach (Paul) Petrino a lot, and Coach (Jeff) Brohm. They showed me around and showed me more stuff about the academics and what I would gain from it. I was impressed. I liked it a lot, especially the weight room."

Brohm is his recruiting coach, and the two have created a positive relationship.

"I think he's a real cool guy. He knows a lot about football, and I respect his opinion because he used to play."

Petrino would be his receiver coach at Illinois. He also made a big impression.

"He's really intense, but I could tell he's real smart and real knowledgeable about receivers because we sat through a film session with him. It was pretty cool."

For those who haven't seen him play, Wilson described his receiver skills.

"I run real good routes, and I'm very quick off the ball. I catch it in situations like when we need a first down. I'm a third down receiver. I want to work on my overall speed, and my route running can always get better."

Jerome is one of the larger high schools in Ohio, with an enrollment of around 4,000. The football team had a decent year, but Wilson hopes for better in his final season.

"We were 6-4. We just missed the playoffs. We hope to get to the playoffs next year for sure. We lost a lot of teammates, but we've got a lot of playmakers coming back."

Wilson is a multisport standout for Jerome.

"I also play basketball. We got eliminated in the first round of the playoffs; we didn't have a very good year. I played point guard and averaged about 15 points. I've started in both basketball and football since my freshman year."

He is giving up a spring sport to concentrate on his primary one.

"I used to play golf in the spring, but I'm gonna focus on football training."

What is he looking for in a college?

"I'm looking for a place that will help me get better. And it should be a place where I can get a good education. I don't know what I want to major in yet."

Dublin is next door to Columbus. If Ohio State offered a scholarship, would that affect his decision-making process?

"It would definitely be something to think about if it comes. But I'm open to all schools."

Wilson will try to take in as many schools as he can before football season.

"I definitely plan to attend a few summer camps. I may take in a few Junior Days as they come along. I don't know yet."

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