Simeon vs. Farragut: A Scouting Report

The top teams have fallen left and right in the Illinois State Basketball Tournament. Chicago Simeon was the lone top-rated program left when it faced a super sectional game against Chicago Public League rival Farragut. The Wolverines jumped out early and got the victory and are playing in the semifinals later today.

Simeon features three key players Illinois is recruiting. This scouting report breaks down how those three and an intriguing junior from Farragut fared in their matchup.

Class of 2012

Steve Taylor, 6'-7", power forward (Simeon Career Academy)

Taylor displayed his full repertoire in the super sectional victory. It all started with his game around the hoop. He could not be stopped in the paint. The junior used a nice right handed jump hook coming across the lane for baskets. He can finish with power as well, throwing the ball down hard.

From the post, Taylor has the ability to turn, face his man, and pull up for a jump shot. His shot reaches out to the three point arc. He hit a corner trey in this contest.

Taylor's shooting mechanics are excellent and consistent. He also showed the ability to handle the ball in the open court in transition, which is an aspect I had not really seen out of him previously. When without the ball, the big man does a solid job of running for buckets.

Taylor rebounded well in this game by out jumping opponents in cluttered areas. Although only 6'-7", his length should allow him to be a contributor on the boards at the next level. He was especially active on the offensive end.

On defense, Taylor is a shot blocking presence and even cut a perimeter passing lane for a steal and turned it into a dunk on the other end. The junior finished with an impressive 20 points, 7 rebounds, 2 blocks, and 1 steal.

Rashaun Stimage, 6'-7", power forward (Farragut Career Academy)

The Farragut junior was a player I heard had some potential. He is certainly athletic. He had several plays throughout the game that made you say 'WOW,' based on the athletic block or jump he made. There is certainly a lot to like in the young forward in terms of athleticism. He ran the floor hard and was active on the defensive end.

Stimage is not a refined offensive threat at this point. He's more of a run and jump athlete. There were several occasions where he couldn't gather the ball on the interior and go up for the basket.

The young man struggled some against the long and athletic front line of the Wolverines. He does have some upside for colleges to consider. Stimage had 6 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 blocks.

Class of 2013

Jabari Parker, 6'-7", small forward (Simeon Career Academy)

Parker is a silky smooth forward who has an enormously high skill set. At a young age, he has a well developed game as well as a maturity on and off the court. His athleticism has improved over the last year, if you can imagine that.

He is becoming an explosive player who can score off his athleticism alone when he needs too. His advanced skills and old school game gives him the advantage over all other players nationally in his class.

Parker displayed an early jump shot where he gets elevation off the floor with fluid mechanics. If this becomes consistent, watch out! The thing about Parker is he can have a big impact on the game without scoring. He rebounds well and is an excellent passer. The sophomore understands the game and can see the next play before it happens.

He has good mobility on defense, and his length bothers opponents' dribbling and getting their shots off. Parker ended the game with 10 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists, and 3 steals. He is a top 2 player nationally in 2013.

Kendrick Nunn, 6'-2", shooting guard (Simeon Career Academy)

This was the first game during the season Nunn hasn't stood out. He really never got into the flow of the offense and actually was on the bench for long periods of time. The lefty still ranks as one of the top four sophomores in the state of Illinois. Nunn can really shoot the ball and attack the hoop off the dribble.

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