Wes Lunt Impressed With Illini Practice

Spring football practices are an opportunity for high school prospects to check out colleges and watch them practice. Among the visitors Thursday was Rochester quarterback Wes Lunt. It was his second trip to campus, and he got an eye full.

Illinois football practice Thursday began at 8:00 am. Rochester quarterback Wes Lunt had to get an early start on the day, but it appears to have been a productive one for him.

"It was a great day. I woke up at 5:00 am. We left at 5:30 am and got up there at 7:00 am for position meetings. I sat in with the quarterbacks and listened to Coach (Jeff) Brohm to see how the meetings would be. And then we went out to the field where I watched them practice."

Lunt is a tall, rangy dropback passer. What did he think of an Illini offense with running quarterback Nathan Scheelhaase at the helm?

"I liked it a lot. Coach Brohm said that whatever quarterback they have, they will put in a system that is best suited for him. I'm not a dual threat, so for me it's gonna be a pro-style type of thing. Nathan is a good runner, so they put some option in for him. They'll work the system around the quarterback."

He was also impressed with the tempo of the practice.

"I was very impressed. They don't practice very long, but there were a lot of drills, and they get a lot done in a small amount of time. You can see they're always up and moving around. I really liked that. That's kind of how our practices are. It's a lot of fun to watch."

Lunt and his dad checked out the campus before returning home.

"I probably spent about an hour there after practice. My dad and I drove around and ate lunch."

Illinois is the latest of several college visits for the 6'-5" star.,/P>

"Louisville and Vanderbilt were my last two visits. I went to Wisconsin a couple weeks ago. They were very nice. All were very different. Great coaching staffs at all of them, and I had a lot of fun learning about the programs."

He has one more trip in the planning stage.

"I think I'm gonna try to get out to Boston College because my dad and I went out there, and they offered. And my mom really wants to see it. So I'm trying to make it up there. Other than that, I'm not real sure."

Lunt may not attend any summer camps, but coaches will have ample opportunity to watch him firsthand during the May evaluation period.

"A lot of schools are gonna come watch me throw in the gym, and I don't know if I'm gonna have enough time to get to some of those camps. Coach (Derek) Leonard has us so busy, and I want to enjoy my summer a little bit. So I don't know yet."

When will he be ready to make his college preference known?

"Just before my senior season is the way I see it right now."

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